Facts of the Persecution

1. Yichang, Hubei Province Procuratorate Attempts to Try Practitioners Zhang Yonghong and He Jingyan

Practitioners Zhang Yonghong and He Jingyan were arrested at the end of September 2005, and have been detained for more than 50 days. The local police department has issued their arrest warrants. The Procuratorate is actively searching for "evidence" and trying to put these two practitioners on trial.


2. The Party "Maintains Advancement" and Persecutes Good People

Ms. Li Chunguang, 58, was a retired teacher. Her workplace asked her to attend a continuing education meeting for all the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members. In the meeting, Ms. Li read her letter of resignation from the CCP. She was stopped when she had only finished half of her letter. After the meeting, the Party secretary gave her resignation letter to the director of the National Security Department. A few days later, the director arrested her at home and illegally detained her for 15 days. The unreasonable persecution caused tremendous financial loss for Ms. Li's family and great emotional strain on her family members.