(Clearwisdom.net) On September 23, 2005, Mr. Li Yequan, a Dafa practitioner from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province was illegally arrested. Li Yequan immediately began a hunger strike, demanding to be released without any charges. However, he was brutally persecuted through forced-feeding. His esophagus was ruptured from repeated forced-feeding, and he frequently loses consciousness from the unbearable pain. His health is in a critical state.

On September 27, the Daqing City Public Security Bureau, the Judicial Bureau, the 610 Office and the forced labor camp held a joint meeting which lasted the whole night. They had Ruan Dianlong, the deputy secretary of the Daqing Municipal Party Committee, sign a warrant to send Li Yequan to the Daqing Forced Labor Camp.

Because the lab report on Mr. Li's blood showed that his white blood cell count was over 20,000, the Daqing Forced Labor Camp refused to take him. But under pressure from Cao Liwei, the chief of the Public Security Bureau, who claimed that Deputy Secretary Ruan Dianlong had already signed the warrant, the labor camp had no choice but to accept Li Yequan.

Li Yequan was imprisoned in the Second Section of Daqing Forced Labor Camp, which is specifically designated for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The police handcuffed and shackled Li Yequan and force-fed him every night after 6:30 p.m. They force-fed Li with liquor many times and even spat their phlegm into his mouth.

Li Yequan's esophagus has been ruptured from frequent force-feeding. The pain that he has to endure is so unbearable that he has fainted many times. According to witnesses, the brutal force-feeding of Li Yequan by the police is a scene too horrible for description by any language. Li Yequan's health remains in precarious condition.

Falun Gong practitioners Wang Bin, He Huajiang, and Lu Bingshen were all persecuted to death in the same section of the labor camp. Swift action may save Li Yequan from a similar fate.

Telephone numbers of the persecutors:

Ruan Dianlong, Daqing Municipal Party Committee: 86-459-6186776, 86-459-6371988(Home)

Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau:
Cao Liwei, chief of bureau: 86-459-6371699
Cao Zhenhe, commissar: 86-459-6373066, 86-459-6280888(Home) 86-13329500002(Cell)
Lin Guoli, deputy chief: 86-459-6375026, 86-459-6986708(Home), 86-13329500003(Cell)
Liang Ximing, deputy chief: 86-459-6390005, 86-459-6390988(Home), 86-13329500004(Cell)
Wei Chunhua, deputy chief: 86-459-6398889, 86-459-6381983(Home), 86-13329500005(Cell)
Hao Dejiang, deputy chief: 86-459-6375029, 86-459-6381516(Home), 86-13329500006(Cell)
Liu Yong, deputy chief: 86-459-6374899, 86-459-6292999(Home), 86-13329500007(Cell)
Lan Yingjie, deputy chief: 86-459-6688059, 86-459-6689098(Home), 86-13329500008(Cell)
Wang Chunru, director of the politics department: 86-459-6368499, 86-459-4688828(Home), 86-13329500009(Cell)
Gao Zhenbo, office director: 86-459-6683926(Home), 86-13329390299(Cell)

Daqing City Detention Center:
Du Zhenjiang, director: 86-459-4616098, 86-459-4667179(Home), 86-13936726888(Cell)
Bai Yunshan, instructor: 86-459-4616090, 86-459-6256942(Home), 86-13059043155(Cell)
Feng Haibo, deputy director: 86-459-4616162, 86-459-6211479(Home), 86-13089051888(Cell)
Yang Baomin, deputy director: 86-459-4616159, 86-459-6686076(Home), 86-13836720062(Cell)

Daqing City Public Security Bureau:
Lin Zhisheng: 86-459-6281231, 86-459-6688448(Home), 86-13604651999(Cell)
Wang Xiyan, secretary: 86-459-6181232, 86-459-4611878(Home), 86-13904591292 (Cell)

Daqing Forced Labor Camp:
Ying Chengli, director: 86-459-4326808, 86-459-6369698(Home), 86-13329390528(Cell)
Song Huidong, commissar: 86-459-4326800, 86-459-6378169(Home), 86-13329390559(Cell)
Wang Xijun, secretary: 86-459-4326766, 86-459-6378059(Home), 86-13936719220(Cell)
Wang Yongxiang, deputy director: 86-459-4680996, 86-459-4631816(Home), 86-13194599933(Cell)
Xing Mengchang, deputy director: 86-459-4602956, 86-459-5184456(Home), 86-13945949260(Cell)
Shao Tiemin, deputy director: 86-459-4326111, 86-459-6188998(Home), 86-13091660111(Cell)
Hao Shulin, deputy director: 86-459-4326909, 86-459-4661473(Home)
Sun Baihua, deputy director: 86-459-4326911, 86-459-5815009(Home), 86-13936955209(Cell)
Han Qingshan, chief of administration section: 86-459-4326508, 86-459-6366790(Home), 86-13945990055(Cell)
Yang Tao, deputy chief of administration section: 86-459-4326919, 86-459-6190964(Home), 86-13936997200(Cell)

Zhang Mingzhu, deputy chief of the Second Brigade: 86-459-6372188(Home), 86-13804679123(Cell) (Zhang Mingzhu's address: room 0-2-2-101 Dongfeng village. He was the prime culprit responsible for the deaths of Falun Gong practitioners He Huajiang and Lu Bingshen)

Daqing Politics and Law Committee:
Li Dong, deputy secretary: 86-459-6392011, 86-459-6387336(Home), 86-13904696199(Cell)
Wang Gui, deputy secretary: 86-459-6372469, 86-459-6381758(Home), 86-13904890661(Cell)

November 10, 2005