(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2004, evil Party members from the Qianxi County 610 Office, the county police department and the National Security Bureau have continued to carry out the Party's persecution policy, forcing the residential administration office and the village and township administration offices to conduct surveillance, tap telephones, monitor homes, and play many other dirty tricks to persecute Dafa disciples. There were several incidents when Dafa disciples were illegally arrested and held for two years. They have now committed new crimes against Dafa and Dafa disciples.

1. In July 2004 when Dafa disciple Mr. Wei Chunqi from Qianxi was clarifying the facts, he was put in the Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan by the Qianxi County 610 Office, the county police department and the National Security Bureau. He was illegally sentenced to 18 months in the forced labor camp. His family member had a really hard time without him, developed many illnesses, could hardly take care of him/herself. Under these circumstances, Wei Chunqi's employer agreed to provide assistance for Mr. Wei's release so that he could take care of his family. However, Qianxi County 610 Office head Long Lihua refused to sign the release form, and threatened that if Wei did not "reform," he would not be released even when his sentence in the labor camp was over.

2. In December, 2004, when practitioners Zhang Chunkai, Ma Yinchun, Yang Xiujun, and Ma Guifen from East-Garden Township went to West-Garden Village to visit an old man sick in bed, their visit was reported to the authorities by the West-Garden Village secretary, Tian Wensheng. The four were taken to the Qianxi County Detention Center to be persecuted by the East-Garden police, the Qianxi police and the National Security Bureau. It was said that Ms. Ma Guifen escaped from the detention center, but there's no further information about her current location. The other three practitioners were released after being illegally detained for 15 days. In March 2005 the police arrested Xiluzhuang Village practitioner Mr. Ma Yinchun and took him to the Tangshan Brainwashing Center. At that time, they also drove around and tried to locate and arrest practitioner Mr. Zhang Chunkai of Huangyan Village. They didn't find him until September 2005, when they caught him in his home and sent him to Tangshan Brainwashing Center to be persecuted. Their purpose in arresting these Falun Gong practitioners was to force them to give up the practice amd write something slanderous about Dafa and Teacher. After their release, the police continued to go to their residences to harass them.

3. In May 2005, some Party members of the Sahe Township government and Sahe Village, along with the township police, broke into the homes of practitioners Chai Jinyin and Cai Yuxuan, searched their homes illegally, and arrested Mr. and Mrs. Chai Jinyin and Mr. and Mrs. Cai Yuxuan and took them to the Qianxi County Detention Center. Later, Hanerzhuang Township police, along with the county National Security Bureau, broke into practitioner Mr. Guan Zhenzhu's home in Geziyu Village. After searching his home, they put him in the county detention center. These five practitioners were released after being illegally detained for over two weeks. From June to July, the county 610 Office, the county police department, and National Security Bureau arrested Chai Jinyin and Cai Yuxuan and took them to the Tangshan Brainwashing Center to persecute them for more than 20 days. They then put their wives in the brainwashing center for two weeks. In September, the county police and National Security Bureau, together with Hanerzhuang Township police, once again surrounded Mr. Guan Zhenzhu's home, arrested him, and took him to the Qianxi Hotel to persecute him for more than 20 days. They didn't allow him to sleep, didn't allow him to see his family members, and tried to force him to give up his belief.

4. On October 13, 2005, Shangying Township police arrested practitioners Mr. Liu Delai and Mr. Huo Qingsheng. After 2,000 yuan was extorted from Mr. Liu, he was released. Mr. Huo was forced to become homeless after his escape to avoid further persecution.

5. On October 24, 2005, when Dafa disciple Ms. Ji Shuying, who was a retired cadre of the Qianxi County Economic Trade Bureau, went to Bai Miaozi Township Fananzhai Village to explain the facts, she was reported to the authorities by Liang Ruiguo, who had been misled by the CCP's slander of Falun Gong. Personnel from the Baimiaozi Police Station and the county police department arrested her. County National Security Bureau police officers Wang Yinguang, Wang Wei and others broke into Ms. Ji's home that afternoon and performed an illegal search. Ms. Ji Shuying is still being detained in the county detention center.

Because of the Party's ongoing, relentless persecution, both Dafa disciples and their family members have undergone great spiritual suffering. Nevertheless, practitioners continue to clarify the truth in spite of the risk of imprisonment just to let people know the true facts of Falun Dafa, to extricate people from deceit, and thereby to be saved by Dafa.

"Gods must punish those criminals who have sinned against Falun Dafa. Those who refuse to do the right thing and instead continue to follow the scoundrel Jiang's regime's persecution policies will be severely punished as perpetrators of unforgivable crimes."("Falun Dafa Association Announcement")

Falun Gong's advice with the warning is not a joke. We hope that those who have been involved in the persecution will wake up, correct their own wrongdoings, and pursue restitution by doing good deeds.

Qianxi County government officials: (The asterisk indicates someone who has committed evil deeds. The others need to be told the facts.)
Yang Enli, County Party Committee Secretary: 86-315-5619288 (Office), 86-315-5618828 (Home), 86-13832988358 (Cell)
Ji Chun, county head: 86-315-5688908(Office), 86-315-5688978 (Home), 86-13703258662 (Cell)
Sun Fazhong, county secretary of Discipline Commission: 5612958 (Office), 5627090 (Home), 13903152789 (Cell)
Su Tiecheng,* Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Commission: 5688868 (Office), 5688898 (Home), 13903251828 (Cell)
Shan Lijun, Propaganda Minister: 5688369 (Office), 5688618 (Home), 13903382718 (Cell)
Li Jianxin, deputy county head: 5611359 (Office), 5688899 (Home), 13832983639 (Cell)

610 Office:
Long Lihua* director, Qianxi County 610 Office: 86-315-5612080 (Office), 86-315-5613685 (Home), 86-13803315367 (Cell)
Zhao Hongxing, deputy director, Qianxi County 610 Office: 86-13623255111 (Cell)

Police Department:
Zhang Guanghui ,* chief officer of the county police department: 86-315-5685669 (Office), 86-315-8717697 (Home), 86-13832986198 (Cell)
Wang Youping, Deputy Chief of the county police department: 86-315-5611050 (Office), 86-315-5689885, 86-13832986198 (Cell)
Xu Zengzhi, deputy chief of the county police department: 86-315-5610858 (Office), 86-315-5620288, 86-13832982726 (Cell)
Wang Fukai, division head: 86-315-5611110 (Office), 86-315-5666666 (Home), 13832984258 (Cell)

County National Security Bureau:
Zhu Zhengang,* division head: 5086738 (Office), 86-315-5665498, 86-13832987010, 86-13832983629
Wang Yinguang: * 138329883508
Liu Guohong: 86-315-5688163, 86-13832983675
Xu Zhigang: 86-315-5629029, 86-13832988149

Detention Center:

Shan Enyu, chief : 5664509 (Office), 86-315-5689661 (Home), 86-13832983661 (Cell)

Bai Miaozi Township Local Police Station:
Low Baojun, chief: 86-315-5845838 (Office), 86-315-5615521 (Home), 86-13832988242 (Cell)
Zhang Yuzhu, deputy chief: 86-315-5845110 (Office), 86-315-5627838 (Home), 86-13832982684 (Cell)
Zhao Zhicun: 86-315-5845110 (Office), 86-315-5628234 (Home), 86-13832984184 (Cell)