(Clearwisdom.net) When I first came across the announcement calling for Dafa practitioners' experience sharing articles about righteous thoughts and actions, my heart was moved but I thought that I had nothing to write. When I look back, I thought that I had cultivated for such a short period of time and that there was nothing extraordinary about it. This time, however, when I came across the words, "validating Dafa," in the announcement, I was really touched. As Dafa practitioners, we should regard the Fa as our first priority. This was also a chance to reflect on my own path of cultivation.

I had the chance to obtain the Fa in 1997. However, the opportunity was not ripe at that time. I merely understood the superficial meaning of the Fa, and owing to my laziness, I gave up cultivation very soon. I did not truly obtain the Fa until 2004, when another opportunity arose.

After I obtained the Fa, I read Minghui Weekly. I realized that as Dafa disciples, we should validate Dafa. At the time, my cultivation environment was not good. I knew some fellow practitioners who had not stepped forward. As for those who did step forward to validate Dafa, I was not acquainted with them. Based on my determined belief in Dafa, I prepared materials from the Questions and Answers section of the Minghui Weekly and distributed them. Since I did not have a deep understanding of Dafa, I thought that when the world's people had a chance to read these materials, their misunderstandings of Dafa would gradually dissolve. With the passage of time, gradually I came into contact with fellow practitioners who did very well in their cultivation and truth clarification. I strengthened my efforts in studying the Fa. Finally, I understood what Dafa really is and what we came here for. When I saw or heard about ordinary people casually throwing away Dafa materials that fellow practitioners produced with their own daily savings through frugal living, I felt upset with their apathy and I was concerned for those who pushed away this precious opportunity to learn the facts about Dafa.

Up until this point, I felt that it was impossible for me to clarify the truth since I was a very reserved person who never tried to initiate conversation with anyone. After studying the Fa, I realized that this was an attachment. After that, I began to clarify the truth face to face to people whether or not I was acquainted with them. Whenever I had an opportunity, I would clarify the truth to them. If I didn't have a chance to clarify the truth to them, I handed truth-clarifying materials to them, and asked them to read the flyers carefully.

Over the past year of cultivation, my cultivation path has been smooth, but occasionally I experienced some difficulties because I did not have strong righteous thoughts or good xinxing. However, I always feel that I am under the compassionate care of Master.

I used to be very hot-tempered. After I began cultivation, I understood that I needed to eliminate this attachment. However, when I was put into trying circumstances, I would get furious immediately. At the very beginning, I could hardly remember what Master said in the Fa. Later, even when I did recall what Master said in the Fa, I barely had any tolerance. I was not diligent and I knew that when Master saw it, he would be so concerned in his heart. There was one time that my elder sister kept saying, "After Dad learned Falun Gong, he's become this kind of person. My younger sister who also learned Falun Gong has become this kind of person as well. What kind of gong are they practicing?" When I heard this, I felt bad and I told my elder sister, "No, Dafa is good. It is I who did not do well."

The next day, I clarified the truth to someone I knew, and I explained to her what "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" meant, according to my understanding. She answered with a smile, "In terms of forbearance, I don't think you do it very well." Her words struck me like a heavy blow, although she put it very lightly. Master's Fa teachings arose in my mind. I understood that since I hadn't enlightened to this Fa, Master used my elder sister and my friend to wake me up. Ever since then, I have changed bit by bit in the area of laziness. Master very often used ordinary people to affirm my efforts. However, I now understand that as a Dafa practitioner, I should look inside myself to examine my shortcomings and be careful not to get attached to zealotry when I hear compliments.

Before I became a practitioner, I was a person who loved to contemplate. After I began cultivation, most of my tribulations came from my thoughts. Soon after I obtained the Fa, I was bothered by thought karma, which struck me painfully. However, I thought, "It is not easy to obtain the Fa. I already missed one chance, and I should not repeat the same mistake." Because of this determined thought, Master helped me go through the initial tribulations. After that, I learned how to send forth righteous thoughts. When I encountered stronger thought karma, I would eliminate it whenever it appeared. The thought karma has become a great deal less. Sometimes it appeared momentarily and had no effect. Of course, this could not have been accomplished without Fa study.

Every day, I continue to study the Fa and memorize the Fa. When I study the Fa more often, some changes occur imperceptibly. Sometimes, when a change occurred in me, I did not realize it until it was over. My xinxing has improved a lot.

As a new practitioner, my cultivation experience is limited. I understand that as a Dafa practitioner, if I am determined in my belief in Master, if I am determined in cultivating Dafa, I can achieve what I am supposed to.

Previously I have tried several times to write down something about my own path of cultivation. It may be because I was trying to validate myself that I could never finish what I wrote. Today, I have calmed down to finish this article. Here, I want to share with fellow practitioners Master's Fa: "Melt Into the Fa," and "Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature" where Master tells us to act according to selflessness and altruism (in Essentials for Further Advancement) and encourage fellow practitioners to strive forward together.