Since the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the evil regime has begun a massive operation to arrest practitioners who spread the Nine Commentaries as well as truth clarification materials. In Chengdu City, criminals have knocked practitioners out before tying them up in sacks and carrying them away. Some drive a van beside the unsuspecting practitioner walking on the road and covertly pull them into the van. These criminals do not wear police uniforms or drive police cars, and only carry out such activities surreptitiously. They have brutally tortured the practitioners that they have abducted with many different methods. When practitioners persistently refuse to submit, these criminals inject the practitioners with poison or force the practitioners to ingest large doses of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. As a result, some practitioners have become mentally disoriented. When the practitioners are finally sent home, their family members find them to be in a state of mental disorder due to the brutal torture. Even when other practitioners come and sit in a circle to send righteous thoughts and read Dafa books to them, they do not respond.

There was a practitioner who was trained in the use of Chinese medicine and in fact specialized in mental disorders. So when some practitioners had the understanding that when one's physical body has not been turned into high-energy matter, it was acceptable to use medicine to help steady their minds, this practitioner prescribed some medicine for the ill practitioner. After taking the medicine, he did show some improvement, so some practitioners mistakenly took this as proof that the medicine was behind the improvement and this was okay to do.

I would like to share some of my personal experiences with other practitioners with respect to this issue, and hope that, in this last moment of Fa-rectification, fellow practitioners would be able to maintain righteous thoughts and overcome the evil, so that the conspiracy to prevent us from saving sentient beings by persecuting us with poison and drugs will no longer have any effect.

On January 5, 2000, I was illegally arrested by the county 610 Office while I was at work and imprisoned in the detention center for several months. At that time, the 610 Office instigated a former practitioner who used to be a coordinator at a practice site to try to persuade me to write a "guarantee letter, but I simply ignored the effort. Then they brought my parents to lure and threaten me into submission, but none of these tactics ever swayed my righteous belief in Dafa. On the contrary, I "clarified the truth" to others in the detention room every day, and they all quickly learned of the goodness of Dafa. Some of them even began studying the Fa and learning the exercises with me. The 610 detention center became a site for spreading the Fa and practicing the exercises. They were very afraid when a prominent person in the 610 Office told me, "I cannot beat you on any logical grounds in a verbal argument, but I will torture you to death!" Several days later, they imprisoned me in a mental hospital. I was tied in a star-shape on the bed every day and injected with poison and drugs. After I was injected with poison the first time, my thoughts became fuzzy and I began seeing stars. The world began to spin and I felt energy draining away from me. My entire body began trembling non-stop, I vomited often, and my lips turned black. I was unable to get out of bed at all. I knew that I had been poisoned, so I closed my eyes and allowed my saliva, tears and mucus in my nostrils to flow non-stop until the entire bed was wet. Even in this state, I was very clear in my mind. I told myself that the evils were nothing to be afraid of and that I had to maintain a strong main consciousness.

"With the master and the Fa here what is there to fear?"(from "Lecture in Sydney")

The evil cannot harm my body. My primordial spirit is in another dimension, how can drugs in this dimension of human society affect other dimensions? Three days later when my husband came to visit me, he could not recognize me at all. All he saw was that my body was swollen, my eyes were staring, my body was trembling nonstop, and my hair was a mess. He was shocked and cried. I told him that he must be strong and that all these symptoms would soon pass. I spoke two sentences, and my heart beat so wildly that it almost made me lose consciousness. Nevertheless, I persevered and recited "On Buddha Law," "Hongyin," and other Dafa texts. All my righteous thoughts came from the Fa, firmly believing that

"Obtaining Fa, one is already immortal." (from "Saving Beings Far and Wide" in Hongyin, version B)

As such, I was never afraid for a single moment. More than ten days later, my body began to recover, and I continued to make use of every chance I had to clarify the truth to mental patients and visitors. I cared for each and every mental patient and helped collect the chamber pots, feed them, help them take showers, maintain hygiene, and wash their clothes when they sometimes became mentally deranged. Very soon the surrounding environment improved and everyone said that I was a good person.

To practitioners who have become mentally disordered as a result of the persecution, I am wondering if it is possible that their main consciousness was terrified by the evil when they tried to threaten them with the poison. Or, after being injected with poison, they had the notion that with the poison in their bodies, they would be harmed, and became more and more afraid the more they thought about it, thus causing them to lose their sanity. Teacher has already taught us the Fa that with righteous thoughts, we can overcome the evil. As long as we have strong righteous thoughts, with Teacher around, and countless righteous gods, the poison needles would not be able to harm our indestructible adamantine body. From my own perspective, I also feel that prescribing sedatives for practitioners who are mentally unsound is not the best way to help them. Let us all eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts and help practitioners regain their footsteps back into Dafa and the tide of rescuing sentient beings.