(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-November, an international peace education organization held its annual conference in Kansai, Japan (the southwestern half of Japan, including Osaka). Professors of peace education from different countries, representatives of human rights organizations, and the Japanese media attended the conference. Falun Dafa practitioners, who attended the meeting, widely clarified the truth to the conference attendees.

Many of the attendees didn't know much about the persecution of Falun Gong in Mainland China and some had never heard about it before. However, many people became aware after the practitioners handed them the truth-clarification materials and explained the situation in detail.

A young teacher from the UK heard about the persecution for the first time. She raised her voice and said, "It is another Holocaust, isn't it?" She asked the practitioner what she could do to help end the persecution. The practitioner simply wanted her to help more people know the facts. She said that she would tell all of her students about it and thanked the practitioner for letting her know about such an important matter.

After learning the truth, a teacher from Israel said that it was unbelievable that such a persecution could even happen in the 21st century. He declared that the cruel tortures and persecution are not tolerable. He introduced the practitioner to his friend, a human rights advocate and also a college teacher. That teacher said he would expose the persecution to far more people. The Israeli teacher left the meeting early, but later he came back and found the Falun Dafa practitioner to ask for more truth-clarification materials. The practitioner gave him a truth-clarification CD. The teacher thanked him and said he would watch it as soon as he went back home.

A professor from the United State had heard a bit about Falun Dafa and the persecution before. After he obtained more detailed facts, he suggested that the practitioners present the information in a formal speech at next year's conference.

A Japanese reporter said that she had been looking for information about the persecution for a long time. She asked for more details and said she would write an article about it when the opportunity arose.

During the truth-clarification, teachers from many countries said they would tell their students about the persecution. They also wanted to know what more they could do to help end the persecution.