This occurred in a good school, where many children of both Western and Chinese descent attend.

Teenagers are at the age when they often ask that all-inclusive question, "Why?" One day, several young children raised the question: "Why does the Chinese government want to suppress Falun Gong?"

Very quickly, a Chinese child repeated a lot of the propaganda spewed by the Chinese Communist Party media, which falsely slanders Falun Gong. But another child, a young Falun Gong disciple, revealed the truth in response to the false charges, one by one. The Chinese child started to feel uncomfortable, but he still tried to argue and said with a challenging attitude, "But it was very unfortunate that so many Falun Gong people gathered at Zhongnanhai, wasn't it?

The young Falun Gong disciple then explained to everyone the facts of the "April 25" event in 1999: "After closely investigating Falun Gong for some time, the government concluded, 'Falun Gong provides the country and our people with one hundred advantages and not a single harm.' Nevertheless, the government suddenly forbid the publication of Falun Gong books, forbid group practice of Falun Gong, and arrested dozens of innocent practitioners in Tianjin. Some 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners gathered in front of the State Council Appeals office, adjacent to Zhongnanhai, to present a petition to the government. They were merely requesting that the authorities return their legitimate right to practice Falun Gong and to release the practitioners who had been wrongly arrested. Why does it matter how many people are involved? In this world, a person should not be persecuted because of his/her own beliefs."

Then the Western children all understood. Since the child of Chinese descent had, after all, grown up in a free society, after he understood the right and wrong of the situation, he also no longer defended his original information.

Why is right and wrong, which even teenagers in the free societies of the West all understand, so difficult to understand in Mainland China? Many adults several times older than these children still believe today that it was the practitioners' appeal on April 25, 1999, that caused the Chinese Communist Party to suppress the practice.

I can't help but think of the story of the wolf child. It is said that, although the wolf child appeared to be completely human, because of he had stayed with wolves for so long, he was unable to walk upright but could only crawl, and he could not speak, only roar.

In real life if someone were to crawl on his hands and knees, he would certainly be condemned, because it's against the principles by which a human lives. It is an insult to human dignity, as heaven has entrusted to mankind the ability to walk upright. Similarly, heaven also entrusts people with certain thoughts and beliefs. How can the CCP recklessly deprive people of their rights? The CCP's tyrannical rule has lasted over 50 years. It has enslaved and brainwashed the Chinese people to the extent that some have lost the capability to resist these violations of their human rights and the deprivation of their beliefs.

Unfortunately, we have met with the wolf. The wolf can never change its nature, which is to eat people. During the more than 50 years' rule of the CCP, examples of this abounded everywhere in China. One day a person was a respected member of the party during the "Great Leap Forward;" the next day, he/she was singled out as one of the "monsters and freaks" in the "Great Cultural Revolution." Only if we truly get away from the wolves and safeguard the human rights granted us by heaven in an open and dignified way can we honor the trust heaven has placed in us, and obtain its promised gifts.

November 2, 2005.