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The Miracle and Power of Dafa is Omnipresent

All of the miracles and wisdom that have manifested during the Fa-rectification originate from Dafa. As long as we have the desire to save people, Master will arrange all the essentials for us. These are the conditions for it to happen: We must have firm righteous thoughts about Dafa, and have the desire to save all beings at all times.

In May 2005, the evil forces began to set up brainwashing classes in our city. One night at 10:00 p.m., a fellow practitioner told us there were three practitioners who were illegally arrested and taken to a brainwashing center. At 4:00 a.m. the next day, two other practitioners and I went out to look for the location of the brainwashing center. After many twists and turns in the search, we were not able to find the place. We hesitated, wondering if we should go back home or continue to search. I asked Master for help: Dafa practitioners should not be held by the evil forces, we wish to save the fellow practitioners, and through this, save more people in the world. A man on a motorcycle greeted us shortly afterwards and led us to the location of the brainwashing center. We gathered information about it and immediately used a public phone to call the factory director who offered the place to hold the brainwashing. We collected the phone numbers of the main perpetrators and authorities responsible. We exposed them in detail to the world through the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

In the meantime, all practitioners in the city were sending forth righteous thoughts as one body. Some practitioners made a banner overnight, which read, "Immediately Release the Innocent Dafa Practitioners!" They hung this banner and posted pamphlets at and around the entrance to the brainwashing center to expose the persecution. Other practitioners sent righteous thoughts in close proximity for ten consecutive days. The practitioners inside began a hunger strike against the persecution. Practitioners from abroad expressed their support. With Master's compassionate protection and with the collective efforts of practitioners, the brainwashing "class," which was initially intended to run for two months, was terminated in ten days.

We discovered that whether it is individual improvement or improvement as a group, everything originates from Dafa. It is because,

"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun, 2000 version)

When we do things according to Dafa, the wonder of Dafa and the power of one body are omnipresent.

Dafa Disciples' Sole Responsibility is to Save Sentient Beings With Unfaltering Diligence

A true Dafa practitioner knows that one should do the three things well as Master requests: to study Fa, send righteous thoughts and to clarify the truth. But why can't one keep the practitioner's mentality of improving and being persistent at all times? The fellow practitioners who lost their freedom and were persecuted severely knew this principle firsthand. Having experienced the evil environment, they knew that if they did not use the Fa to firm up their righteous thoughts, they would be destroyed by evil. They knew how to grasp every moment to create an opportunity to study Fa, to learn Fa by heart and to send righteous thoughts. Because they practiced Dafa and clarified the truth, they were severely persecuted and even lost their lives. On the other hand, in a relatively peaceful environment, it is easy to relax one's righteous thoughts. The ordinary person's fame, benefits, affection, and attachment of leisure will step in and wear down our will for cultivation. This type of interference and persecution is less apparent.

I have been breaking through these conditions constantly. When I am diligent, I study Fa, send righteous thoughts, clarify the truth and truly reflect on myself. The mentality of clarifying the truth is pure and clear, the relationship with fellow practitioners is a harmonious one and the environment is peaceful. When I am not so diligent, problems start to accumulate, I would be unable to pay attention while studying the Fa, and become preoccupied while sending righteous thoughts. Clarifying the truth becomes just a job. How to be persistently diligent in a difficult environment is the question which every Dafa practitioner faces.

I have been reading Master's recent articles many times. I found my problem. Fa rectification has been going on for over six years. Each Dafa practitioner has matured within the Fa, from the initial attachment to time of when the Fa rectification will end, to the success of one's cultivation, and to gradually realizing the responsibilities of Dafa practitioners during the Fa rectification period. Under the relatively peaceful environment, we tend to do the truth-clarification work routinely on a daily basis, the ideal of "The only thing you have a role in is saving people" ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago", 2005) gradually faded. We know that each person in the world might correspond to an enormous celestial body. They have been waiting for salvation since ancient times, but we sometimes lose sense of the urgency to save them. Because we are still human, we might continue to be attached to all that belongs to humans, and any kind of "human heart" might be a barrier that prevents us from moving forward. We are honoring a prehistoric commitment by following our Master, by rectifying the Fa and saving mankind.

Master told us,

"You play the leading role in this period of history, and the existence of everything at present, whether it be evil or the upright gods, has to do with you." (from "Sticking to a Righteous Path")

Only when we can clearly understand our mission and responsibilities, improve our understanding from the Fa, assimilate ourselves to the Fa, and keep in mind that whether the world's people can be saved depends upon us, then we can be persistently diligent, and we can save more of the world's people.

Maybe we will never understand Master's grand wish, but we truly can feel Master's boundless compassion. Dafa practitioners' each step forward could not have been done without Master's enormous sacrifice and endurance. If it wasn't for Dafa and Master, how could we be granted the number one title "Dafa Disciple" that is admired by the entire universe? Master and Dafa give us the paramount glory and the most wonderful future. If we do not carry out all our responsibilities, this will become the regret that can never be made up. I understand that Master wants to save all beings in the universe, not leaving out even one disciple who came to this world.

As a disciple, we should obey Master's teachings, through all fellow practitioners continuously improving ourselves based on the Fa, reminding, helping and coordinating amongst ourselves well, and constantly correcting ourselves. In this harmonious and undefeatable group, each one of us can be diligent, create our own path of validating the Fa, and improve and upgrade as a whole to save more predestined beings.

This is what I have learned over the six-years of Fa rectification. Please point out any shortcomings.