(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Qie Lili, a teacher from the Xili Elementary School in China, was arrested at the beginning of last year without reason. Currently she is being physically and emotionally abused in a forced labor camp.

Arrested Without Cause

Ms. Qie Lili, 27, was arrested and taken to Weiming Police Station on February 27, 2004. The arrest was made at 5:00 p.m. that day by a dozen plainclothes police officers led by Deng Fang, the deputy captain of the State Security Brigade of the city's police department. Ms. Qie was later handed over to Li Rongqi, captain of the State Security Brigade of Qiaoxi Police Department. The associate head of the Weiming Police Station, along with 610 Office police officer Wei Pingshan, were unable to provide a reason for the arrest. Under such conditions Ms. Qie refused to answer any questions or sign any documents.

Sent to a Forced Labor Camp

At noon on February 28, Wei Pingshan and his cohorts took Ms. Qie to the Shjiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center. Due to the lack of proper documentation, the detention center refused to admit her. In order to try and get round this, Wei Pingshan called the Shijiangzhuang City 610 Office and told them to pressure the detention center to admit Ms. Qie. As soon as the Weiming Police Station staff left, the detention center called the police station to pick her up as they found that she had scabies. Despite their attempts, no one from Weiming Police Station returned the call.

While Ms Qie was at the detention center she could not eat or drink for an entire month. On March 27, Wei Pingshan and his staff dragged Ms. Qie to the Shijiazhuang Judiciary System Hospital for a checkup, but they could not find a pulse. Ms. Qie passed out when the doctor was using the electrocardiograph to check her heart condition. She was in grave danger because her heart was lacking blood. After being sent to the hospital, she was sent back to the police station, but the police refused to release her. Li Rongqi directed 24 men to take shifts watching Ms. Qie for fear that she might run away.

Ms. Qie began a hunger strike as a form of peaceful protest against the persecution being inflicted upon her and asked for bail on medical grounds. The following day, two nurses from the Shijiangzhuang Hospital of Chinese Medicine and several other policemen stepped on Ms. Qie's body and force-fed her. When they finished, they threw her on the floor like a sack of potatoes. She was force-fed like this three times. When Ms. Qie repeatedly asked them to stop their murderous acts, Wei Pingshan said, "I am just following orders."

Ms. Qie Lili vehemently demanded bail on medical grounds. It was said that the city and the justice bureau did not see eye to eye on this case. On March 30, two men wearing sunglasses from the city's 610 Office were escorted to see Ms. Qie. They took a look from outside and only asked a couple of simple questions without even going inside. Later, Wei Pingshan called Ms. Qie's family members and tried to force one of them to sign some document, but they all refused. On April 1, Wei Pingshan tried to coerce Ms. Qie to sign a notice for her to be sentenced to forced labor, but she refused.

The statement said, "A computer, some CDs, a photocopier, a sound system and a printer were found where she was staying. Based on this she is to be imprisoned in a forced labor camp for three years." In fact, Ms. Qie did not own the place where she was staying nor did she own such items. With no witnesses or evidence, they recorded nothing during Ms. Qie's interrogation.

Brutal Force-Feeding

When Ms. Qie was on the brink of death, the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp admitted her. She once again went on hunger strike as soon as she arrived. Lu Hongguo from the No. 5 Brigade of the camp and Dr. Xu from the camp clinic brutally force-fed her. They fed her a large amount of salt plus some milk and cornmeal. It was so salty that it was bitter. Lu Hongguo personally made the mixture and then used chopsticks to pry open Ms. Qie's mouth and teeth. He also held her to a chair and pinched her nose. Once they had inserted the tube they moved it around to cause internal damage. Every time they removed the tube, it was all bloody. After the force-feeding, they used plain tap water to rinse it and then used it again. Ms. Qie was infected for days. Seven days later, she was on an IV. They shackled both of her hands and restrained her arms and legs to force-feed her. Every day she received 2500 milliliters of liquid for ten days until she was all swollen and her skin was stretched and shinny due to the retained fluid. The police then used needles to poke Ms. Qie's fingers during interrogation.

In January 2005, Ms. Qie again went on a hunger strike and was again forced to receive an IV. They even threatened her that she would not be allowed to use the bathroom if she continued her hunger strike. They have fined her over 600 yuan.

Sleep Deprivation

Ms. Qie Lili refused to cooperate with the forced labor camp's brainwashing. In order to "transform" Ms. Qie, on April 27 the police started to deprive her of sleep. They forced her to stand 24 hours a day without resting. Ms. Qie was so exhausted that her head drooped and she almost collapsed. Some people told police officer Qi Honghong that Ms. Qie might die if such treatment continued. After 13 days, the torture was stopped and she was allowed to sleep again. From October 8-18, 2004, under the direction of Di Manli, the captain of the brigade, and Wang, deputy captain of the brigade, she again deprived of sleep. She was also kicked and punched until she showed symptoms of a heart attack.

While Ms. Qie was deprived of her right to sleep, she was forced to listen to those who had become collaborators smear Falun Dafa. They cursed her and kicked and punched her. Such treatment escalated and they even threatened that if she did not "transform," she would be sent to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. Most people would not be able to bear four or five days without sleep. Some betrayed their consciences in exchange for freedom. Zhang Xianli, the director of the Shijiazhuang 610 Office, tried to deceive Ms. Qie into disclosing other practitioners' information by offering her an opportunity to be released, but Ms. Qie refused.

Ms. Qie refused to "transform" and remains faithful to her belief. At the labor camp, she was stripped of all of her rights. Other than going to the bathroom to wash herself, she has not been allowed to go outdoors for an entire year. No one has been allowed to visit her for such a long time that she has suffered depression. She now has symptoms of heart disease and is in danger of dying.

October 15, 2005