(Clearwisdom.net) Since the spring of 2005, in protest of the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp have refused to participate in the forced labor. The chief of the forced labor camp went into the practitioners' cells with a gang of people at 10 o'clock one evening and started to beat the practitioners. Some practitioner's hair was pulled out. Sixty practitioners who refused to wear prison uniforms or were on a hunger strike were dragged from their cells to a storage area, where several male police guards tortured them. Their heads, faces and mouths were beaten very badly, and the wounds on their bodies festered.

The newly arrived practitioners at Masanjia are sent to the Third Brigade for intense brainwashing. Collaborators are instructed by the brigade leader to brainwash them with fallacious theories based on some deliberately distorted interpretations of Falun Gong teachings. Usually, several collaborators attack one practitioner at a time. If the practitioners do not renounce their belief after several months of brainwashing, the collaborators will threaten them. If they are still firm in their belief, the staff members will give up on them. All kinds of tactics are used during the brainwashing process.

To protest the persecution, the practitioners from the First Brigade refused to obey the rules and demands of the forced labor camp. As a result they are not allowed to leave their cells. They have no freedom, and they are not allowed family visits. Some practitioners have not seen their family members since they entered the forced labor camp, so their family members do not know how badly they have been treated. The staff members force-feed the practitioners who are on hunger strikes for a long time with corn gruel one or two times daily. They do not really care whether the practitioners die or not and they use the brutal force-feeding as a way to torture them. The money that practitioner's family members leave for their daily use is taken as a "fee" for the force-feedings.

The forced labor camp blocks information from leaving its walls. They threaten and cheat the steadfast practitioners. The guards, other staff members and collaborators never tell the truth to practitioners. They illegally extend practitioners' terms for up to one year. The extensions are based on the reports from the staff and the collaborators, and it doesn't matter whether they are true or not.

The collaborators, who are instructed to monitor the practitioners when their family members come to visit, are actively involved in the persecution. If a practitioner says, "Falun Dafa is good," his or her term will be extended. If the practitioners do not follow orders, the collaborators will report them and the practitioners will be punished. Some practitioners are sent to small isolation cells, some are beaten by the police guards, some are locked up in the restroom, some are handcuffed to heating pipes, and some are denied sleep for several days, sometimes up to seven days. During that time, practitioners are forced to remain standing and cannot close their eyes, sit or squat. Some practitioners who have been persecuted for extended periods of time experience total body edema, but that does not stop the forced labor camp from continuing to persecute them.

October 19, 2005