The More You "Keep it Fresh," the More it Gets Sick

A high school teacher in Hubei Province once said that no one from their teaching department is allowed to be absent from the seminar of the Communist Party's "keeping it fresh" (1) campaign. If you need to go on a business trip, you have to attend the "keeping it fresh" seminar before you can leave for your trip. The Chinese Communist Party committee member in their department even called back the teachers that had already retired, to attend the "keeping it fresh" seminars. However, every teacher who was called back got sick after attending the "keeping it fresh" seminars. The results of the "keeping it fresh" campaign have become a joke at the department.

There are Only Three Left

In August 2005, a communist party convention was held at a village in Miyi County of Sichuan Province. Attendees were not informed ahead of time that the convention was meant only for Communist Party members. More than twenty Communist Party members showed up. When they were informed that the conference was only for Communist Party members, those who had arrived left the conference venue using various excuses. In the end, there were only three people left. One was the host of the convention, the deputy secretary of the County Communist Party Committee. Another was the secretary of the village Communist Party Committee, who stayed behind to be able to complete his assignment report. The last one stayed to clean up the venue. Since only three people attended, they had to cancel the convention.

I Will Not Join the Party after Returning to China

There is a department director of a famous school in Southern China who is not a Communist Party member. This is in fact very rare in Mainland China. According to the teachers who work in the same department, this was because they really could not find any Communist Party member who was as skilled as this non-Communist Party member, so they made an exception. The Department Communist Party Committee then tried to "develop" (convert) this director. After much pushing and "persuasion," the director finally agreed to join the party. Just as the director was about to join the Party, he was asked to go overseas, so they had to wait for the director to come back before he could apply to join the Party. Nonetheless, when the director came back, he never brought up the issue of joining the Party. The department of the Communist Party Committee could do nothing but experience embarrassment.


(1) Keep it fresh - In the Chinese language, this is a pun. It has the same pronunciation as "Maintaining the Party advancement."