(Clearwisdom.net) Six-year-old little Dafa disciple Wang Shu accumulated a lot of coins during the summer, which added up to a total of twenty-three yuan and sixty-eight cents (yuan is the Chinese currency unit; there are 100 cents in 1 yuan; 8 yuan equals approximately 1 USD). She gave it to her mom for making truth-clarification materials and saving sentient beings.

During the summer, little Wang Shu saw her friends eating ice cream on the way to and from school. She wanted to have some too. She kept telling her mom, "They are all eating ice cream." Mom said, "If I give you money, will you use it for ice cream or do you want to keep it?" Little Wang Shu lowered her head and said, "Keep it. I will not eat ice cream." Thus, Wang Shu spent only one yuan to buy ice cream during the summer. She saved twenty-three yuan and sixty-eight cents.

Little Wang Shu's family is not rich. Only her father works, but there are two students in the family (including her). When school started in the fall, there was not enough money for her sister to pay tuition, so her sister had to use over 100 yuan she received from family members and relatives on the Chinese New Years Eve. During her daily life, Wang Shu is strict with herself using the standards of Dafa. She often urges her mother: "Why don't you study the Fa? You need to go out and save people. Go and clarify the truth!"

Wang Shu's story touched my heart deeply, so I wrote it down to share with you all.

September 9, 2005