"In the future, please give me whatever material you have."

A police officer from a county of Henan Province witnessed with his own eyes the true situation of Dafa practitioners being persecuted. He thought in his heart, "If Falun Dafa is not good, why do so many people practice it?"

Later this police officer understood the truth and came to know what Falun Dafa is. He took the initiative to look for Dafa practitioners in order to get Dafa books and said, "Many people have said this Dafa book is very good, so I also want to check it out." Before he left, he said to Dafa practitioners, "In the future, please give me whatever materials you have and I will clarify the truth for you." This police officer also decided to quit the CCP and has chosen a glorious future for himself.

Common people long to be saved

Not long ago, I went to a relative's home. Along the way I gave out some CD's containing the "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party." Later I heard people talk about this thing more than one time.

One person told me that one day a police car came and the police were there trying to collect the CDs. One police officer asked a child, "Do you have a CD at your home?" The child said, "There is one CD at my home, but I dare not give it to you because my father would spank me, and he never lets it out of his sight." People around all laughed.

An elderly lady told me that she also watched it. A few days later, another person told me somebody in the police station said he had also watched it.

September 30, 2005