(Clearwisdom.net) Validating Falun Dafa and saving sentient beings are sacred missions that history has bestowed upon Falun Dafa practitioners. It is also our grand vow made before history that encompasses all, be it our cultivation progress, or our final consummations, etc. Therefore, we can say that validating Falun Dafa is a fundamental issue for practitioners.

Currently, the new cosmos is replacing the old one, the new principles and the old ones from the old cosmos are existing simultaneously within the Three Realms. Which set of principles should Falun Dafa practitioners validate? The answer is only one: "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples are to take validating Zhen-Shan-Ren and attaining the Dafa of the new cosmos as fundamental..." ("Walk Straight Your Path," Master's Comments on "Discussion with Fellow Practitioners Regarding Video CDs Describing Hell and Some Other Phenomena That Deviate from Righteous Actions"). Besides this, Dafa disciples cannot promote anything else, such as those higher or lower beings, and their principles left in different realms, including those cultivation ways left for mankind. If Falun Dafa practitioners spread those, it is equal to validating them. This would take us in a different direction from Falun Dafa practitioners' fundamental principles, and cause us to deviate from our standpoint in the Fa-rectification.

Some fellow practitioners spread the VCDs that talked about hell for the purpose of warning the world's people, for the convenience of our truth clarification and saving sentient beings. Their motivation was good, but we cannot deviate from the fundamentals of Falun Dafa for the purpose of saving people. "Don't let the pursuit of some particular goal cause you to ignore the meaning of a Dafa disciple's existence." "Walk Straight Your Path". If we are off track on our Fa-rectification path, we will bring tribulations to our cultivation, and create gaps for the old force to persecute us. While saving sentient beings, we can use some materials from the righteous beliefs, but we must be use them carefully and correctly, rectify them with Falun Dafa, and use them after they are recreated. We absolutely cannot use their materials without rectifying them, or spread them at will.

We all know our path as it is related to the future of the new cosmos, that we should not allow any side tracks: "...only walking straight your path amounts to validating the Fa." ("Walk Straight Your Path") Therefore, we cannot abandon the fundamental principles of Falun Dafa disciples no matter what we do. The same is true on issues of saving people.