(Clearwisdom.net) Trusting Teacher and the Fa is a fundamental issue for a practitioner. Only when one has the proper belief in Teacher and the Fa can one have the right understanding of the Fa, which leads to one's righteous thought and conduct, and allows one to do the three things well. Proper belief is a prerequisite. It is the most fundamental. One might say that those who have endured the persecution all have a proper belief in Teacher and Dafa. The question then becomes, to what the degree is their belief? Is it 100%?

Ms. A is a practitioner living in a farm village. One night, she and practitioner B went to a village 13 miles away to distribute Dafa materials. Ms. A's husband was not home during that period, so she had to leave her grade school son at home alone. Practitioner B asked her, "Is it ok to leave your son home alone?" She said, "With Teacher and the Fa helping us, there is not going to be any problem." She told her son to turn the TV off before going to bed and he promised to do so. But during her distributing Dafa materials, Ms. A kept worrying about her son. Because she could not keep a pure heart, she encountered lots of disturbances. At every village they went to, the dogs barked and the chickens crowed. It did not help even when they sent forth righteous thoughts.

It was past 3:00 a.m. when Ms. A came back home after they finished distributing all the materials. She found that instead of being asleep in bed, he had fallen asleep in front of the TV and left it on. This led Ms. A to question herself on why her son didn't go to sleep and turn the TV off like he was supposed to. Since what she had been doing was the most righteous, things at home should have all been in good order. After careful examination of herself, she concluded that it was because her belief in Teacher was not solid enough. Although she kept saying that with Dafa and Teacher helping, nothing would go wrong, she had reservations in her heart, and the evil found this loophole in her. With the cause of the problem found, Ms. A studied the Fa diligently and strengthened her true belief in Teacher and Dafa. Soon, she and practitioner B went to the remote village to distribute materials again. She had a very pure heart and did not worry about anything. It went very smoothly with no incident at all. When they got home after having finished the job, she found that her son was sound asleep with the TV turned off. Everything was in its place. Ms. A felt the power of proper belief.

Ms. A's experience tells us that to believe in Teacher and Dafa must be a thorough belief. Only then will the righteous thoughts one sends forth be powerful, will Dafa display its miraculous power, and will Teacher help us to harmonize everything. Only then, on the journey of validating Dafa and saving the sentient beings, can one continue to find one's deficiencies, eliminate one's attachments, elevate one's character, and improve one's cultivation level.

Validating Dafa is a direct manifestation of one's proper belief, which can be most reliably strengthened by studying the Fa well. The more one assimilates oneself with the Fa, the stronger one's proper beliefs in Teacher and Dafa will be.