(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Hua from Tongnan County, Chongqing City was "illegally arrested" by six to seven policemen headed by Zhang Liang when she went to visit her mother on the afternoon of July 21, 2005. Before the abduction, in the past two years, she had been forced to be homeless in order to avoid being persecuted. Ms. Zhang Hua began a hunger strike as a form of peaceful protest against her incarceration. Her hunger strike has been going on for more than 40 days and she is now in critical condition.

Ms. Zhang Hua, 43 years old, originally worked at the Tongnan Farm Machinery Company but had been unemployed for several years. Due to her practice of Falun Gong she has always been a prime target of the authorities that were attempting to pursue and capture her.

It was learned that policeman Zhang Liang and his men tried to extort a confession from Ms. Zhang Hua by cruel torture. The process lasted for more than ten days (the details of the torture are unknown), after which she was escorted to the Tongnan Detention Center. Zhang Liang wanted to find out which of her relatives Ms. Zhang Hua had visited when she was wondering from place to place so as to avoid arrest. He was attempting to collect evidence in order to sentence Ms. Zhang Hua to a long prison term. It was said that Zhang Liang rented a house just opposite Ms. Zhang Hua's mother's house so as to trace the whereabouts of Ms. Zhang Hua and then capture her.

Since her abduction Ms. Zhang Hua has been staging a hunger strike to protest against the persecution for over 40 days and is now in critical condition. Ms. Zhang is currently being held in the surgical ward of the Tongnan County Hospital. Her hands and feet are tied up and she is guarded 24 hours a day. Zhang Liang also phoned the authorities in Chongqing City enquiring what he should do if Ms. Zhang's state of health declines even further. The authorities in the city requested Zhang to send her to the hospital, stating that they would rather see her die in the hospital than have her released.

Ms. Zhang Hua's parents are over 70 years old and were employees for the Tongnan Taian Canned Food Factory. Ms. Zhang's mother is not in good health and has to live on a very limited pension because the factory they worked for has been closed for so many years. Ms. Zhang's son, Mr. Tong Zijia, is in his 20s. He served in the army and is now working somewhere in Chongqing City. On hearing the news that his mother was arrested, he cried in a state of deep grief. Ms. Zhang Hua's parents were worried about her safety during her detention, so they frequently visited with changes of clothes for her; however, they were not allowed to see their daughter. Under the fear of further persecution they dared not visit the police station to see Zhang Liang and ask him to release their daughter.

Policeman Zhang Liang has spared no effort in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners over the last six years as the captain of the local State Security Brigade. His wife Li Juan works at the Tongnan Post and Telecommunication Department. Zhang Liang treats the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners as a lucrative business for his personal promotion and money making.

We call on people all over the world to help rescue Ms. Zhang Hua and stop the killing of innocent lives that is now happening in China!

  • Telephone Numbers of the Units that Involved in the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Tongnan County, Chongqing City

Country code: 86, Area code: 23

The Tongnan County Police Department: (On-duty room: 86-23-44551138; Fax: 86-23-44551138)

Address: Zhengxing Street, Tongnan County, Postal code: 402660

The On-duty Room of the Tongnan Police Department: 86-23-44551762

The Office of the Tongnan Police Department: 86-23-44551138 (It is used very often in the news reports.)

The switchboard of the Tongnan Police Department: 86-23-44551129,
86-23-44551432, 86-23-44551743, 86-23-44551330

Yin Jiangzhong, Head of the Police Department: 86-23-44555178 (Office),
86-23-44556679 (Home), 86-13908348968 (Cell)

Zhu Wanjun, Political Commissar: 86-23-44582004 (Office), 86-23-44552853 (Home), 86-13808305699 (Cell)

Tao Kai, Deputy Head of the Police Department: 86-23-44582002 (Office),
86-23-44552666 (Home), 86-13709428699 (Cell)

Li Mingxing, Deputy Head: 86-23-44582003 (Office), 86-23-44552669 (Home), 86-13908354919 (Cell)

Wen Yong, Deputy Head: 86-23-44582006 (Office), 86-23-44551228 (Home), 86-13709428263 (Cell)

He Zhiguang, Political Instructor of the Criminal Police Division:
86-23-44582007 (Office), 86-23-44554053 (Home), 86-13808305687 (Cell)

Yang Caiyue, Deputy Head of the Police Department and the Head of the Criminal Police Division: 86-23-44582005 (Office), 86-23-44551680 (Home), 86-13709428088 (Cell)

The Criminal Police Division: 86-23-44551124

Xu Ming, Patrolling Police Division: 86-23-44582020 (Office),
86-23-44555660 (Home), 86-13018357888 (Cell)

Tongnan State Security Brigade:

(Explanation) In 2000, reports usually described it as the "First Section of the Police Department." At that time, Zhang Liang was the Head of the Section. Zhong Ming, male, around 50 years old, was the Deputy Head. At the beginning of 2001 when Zhong Ming retired, Zhang Liang arrogated all the power to himself and is using his position of power to commit many evil deeds..

The State Security Brigade: 86-23-44582011

Zhang Liang, male, 44, is the Captain of the brigade. Since the persecution against Falun Gong officially started in 1999, he has always been involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Almost all the practitioners in the Tongnan area who were arrested, sent to forced labor camps, or sentenced were either arrested by him or by men working under his orders. He also fabricated accusations and reported them to the higher authorities. As a result, 61 Falun Gong practitioners from the area were sent to forced labor camps and he has committed many flagrant crimes. It is said that his wife Li Juan works at the Tongnan Post and Telecommunications Department. 86-23-44582011 (Office),
86-23-44552429 (Home), 86-23-44553568 (Home), 86-13709428300 (Cell), Zhang Liang's phone at his restaurant (he is the owner): 86-23-44569059, 86-23-44900206 (Cell).

Responsible policemen at the State Security Brigade: Zhang Liang, Li Hengyi, Luo Yonghong, Li Yonghong, Zhang Shimao, Liu Yong and Yuan Xueping. In 2005 Shu Lin and Gao Xiang (Deputy Captain of the Brigade) were also added.

Li Hengyi, male, about 40 years old, is a policeman from the State Security Brigade. He has been involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since 1999 and took part in harassing and arresting Falun Gong practitioners, ransacking their houses, extorting money and the fabricating charges against the practitioners.

Luo Yonghong, male, about 32 years old, is a policeman of the State Security Brigade. He has been involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since 1999. He took part in harassing and arresting Falun Gong practitioners, ransacking their houses, extorting money and fabricating charges against the practitioners. He used cruel torture to extort confessions from Falun Gong practitioners Yang Bin and Fu Xiaohong. People said, "He can afford a house worth several hundred thousand yuan thanks to his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners."

Li Yonghong, female and about 30 years old, is a policewoman at the State Security Brigade. She has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since 1999. She has carried out almost all the searches of female Falun Gong practitioners.

  • Tongnan Detention Center

Address: 18 Xinsheng Lane, Tongnan County. The county police department, the detention center and the drug rehabilitation center all have the same address.

Tongnan County Detention Center: 86-23-44551213, 86-23-44571988

Zhou Jun, Head and Xu Xiangyang, Deputy Head of the Tongnan Detention Center: 86-23-44551213, 86-23-44571988, 86-13709428783

Zhou Jun, male, was formerly the station chief of the Guxi Township Police Station and involved in arresting practitioner Mr. Tang Deliang and others. He was transferred to Tongnan Detention Center in the latter half of 2002 and has been the head ever since.

Chen Jian, male, about 30 years old is a prison guard at the Tongnan County Detention Center. He was promoted from the Tongnan Detention House to the Tongnan Detention Center. He formerly lived at the Xiaodu Township, Tongnan County. His wife works at a unit in Xiaodu Township.

Yang Shenghua, over 50 years old, is an accomplice of the 610 Office. He implemented various forms of torture normally used on those on death row to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In August of 2001 he was diagnosed as having a tumor near his heart. He received immediate retribution in this lifetime. Other accomplices include He Hua and Yan Mi.

Liu Guanghai, male, about 50 years old, is a prison doctor and Deputy Head of the Outpatient Department for the Tongnan County Hospital. Since 1999, he has concurrently been a prison doctor (earns two salaries). He force-fed over ten Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Zhang Hua and Ms. Wu Yongmei. He also instructed other doctors in the outpatient department to force-feed practitioners. When his crimes were exposed he was very shocked. 86-23-44563155 (Office), 86-23-44554793 (Home), 86-13500318508 (Cell).

  • Tongnan Detention House

Address: No. X, Xinsheng Lane, Tongnan County. Telephone: 86-23-44582026. The detention house next to the Tongnan Detention Center.

The practitioners who were held there were all forced to pay 5 to 10 yuan in living expenses per day (if the practitioner really couldn't pay he/she would have to sign a bill in acknowledging the debt). A lot of Falun Gong practitioners were illegally detained in the detention house under the title of, "Living at home under surveillance." They could be detained for several months or even as long as half a year.

Huang Quansheng, Head of the Tongnan Detention House: 86-23-44582026 (Office), 86-23-44555345 (Home), 86-13709428631 (Home)

The prison guards at the detention house: Secretary Liu, Deng Guoxing, Chen Jian, Dai Tingyin, Gong Fuchun, Liao Suochang, Lu Guangyou and Zhang XX. Some of them have retired or were transferred. The main forms of persecution at the detention house are forced feeding and extorting living expenses.

  • Tongnan Forced Drug Rehabilitation Center

Address: No. X, Xinsheng Lane, Tongnan County. The Center is located near the county detention center. Telephone: 86-23-44551109

Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally held at this premise were also extorted of their living expenses.

Huang Shengxue, Head of the Center: 86-23-44551109 (Office), 86-23-44554864 (Home), 86-13609428672 (Cell)

  • Tongnan County Party Committee

Wei Shouming, Party Secretary: 86-23-44559166 (Office)

Ning Guangxian, Standing Deputy Party Secretary and County Magistrate:
86-23-44562168 (Office)

Lai Rengang, Standing Deputy Secretary: 86-23-44559966 (Office),
86-23-44551079 (Home), 86-13908303408 (Cell)