(Clearwisdom.net) I have enlightened to the fact that the power of a righteous mind is directly proportional to how strong our belief and righteous faith in Teacher are. At a critical moment, a momentary slip will make a big difference. With righteous thoughts and actions, cultivators can overcome any trouble.

During November 2002, our truth-clarifying materials were everywhere and it brought fear to those who acted viciously. The city 610 Office and National Security Bureau Superintendent, together with the local police station, had insanely persecuted Dafa practitioners. My husband and I were the key targets. One morning in the beginning of November, four policemen broke into my house. They rummaged through chests and cupboards, and confiscated many of my family's valuables. We did not cooperate with them and exposed their evil persecution to bystanders. We received support from the bystanders, who condemned the police's illegal actions. In the end, the police abducted both of us.

When we arrived at the police station, as if by prior agreement, my husband and I simultaneously began a hunger strike. During the three days and nights we were interrogated, our righteous minds and acts foiled their plots one by one. The police tried using force and deception, but were not able to get a word out of us. We just told them the facts about Falun Gong. Having gotten nothing from us, the police sent us to a detention center, where we continued our hunger strike. The director of the detention center understood us. In the past three years, we had been in and out of the detention center more than 10 times. Our righteous words and deeds were well known by the policemen in the detention center, and they repeatedly conveyed to us their respect. I told them the reasons why we were being unreasonably abducted and how we were being forced to give confession through torture. The detention center director was very upset and swore at the CCP, saying that they would lose the people's hearts if they continued like this. He urged me to take care of myself and eat something. I explained to him clearly that the purpose of our hunger strike was to protest Jiang and his followers' persecution, and we demanded to be released unconditionally. We hoped that he would help secure our release. Earlier, the police had informed me that the 610 Office was planning to send me to the City Brainwashing Center. I sent forth righteous thoughts while talking to him and rejected all the evil arrangements of the old forces. Under Teacher's protection and with righteous minds, my husband and I were released, leading to their first attempt to brainwash us to be in vain.

In October of 2003, they again planned to send me to the city brainwashing class. Some practitioners asked me to hide, but I was very calm and my righteous mind was very strong. I truly believed that Teacher and I had the final say on this, not the old forces. Teacher said,

"There are two circumstances in which they can't touch a Dafa disciple. One is that he is rock-solid. They don't dare touch him, because they know at that time that if this disciple has taken a righteous path and conducted himself well and someone still dares to persecute him, it doesn't matter if they're the old forces or what the old principles are--I absolutely won't spare them. There are countless righteous Gods by my side, too! I also have countless Law Bodies who do Fa-rectification. My only concern is that Dafa disciples themselves won't be firm inside; when there's some kind of attachment, some kind of fear, or what not, then the old forces see it and take advantage of the omissions and persecute them." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

I told my fellow practitioners, "I truly feel that they dare not touch me. Why do I need to hide? I have not done anything wrong, I'm just righteously practicing cultivation."

At around eight o'clock the next morning, a total of eight people, including two officials led by a police car from the 610 Office, came to my home. They told me to pack and get ready to follow them. While I was seating them in my home, I calmly said to them, "I am definitely not going to the brainwashing center! Please give up what you came here for." A thug from the 610 Office answered, "You have been designated by the city to go to the brainwashing class, and you have to go even if you don't want to." I said, "You do not have the final say, my Teacher and I have the final say. I practice Falun Gong to obtain good health and be a good person, hasn't the persecution I have suffered in the past four years been enough?"

I kept sending forth righteous thoughts while I explained to them the consequences of their actions. I told them that by doing this, they had increased the economic burden of their work unit by assigning two people just to monitor me, not to mention the karma that they are accumulating. My office director was moved after hearing this and said, "The work unit is indeed very short-handed, but I have no other choice. If you refuse to go, the police station will send someone and force you to go." I said, "You don't have to worry about that. They do not have the final say, I do. I will take full responsibility for this case. You just have to cooperate with me." Quietly they agreed. One of them said, "Since the police station has not sent anyone yet, you may as well talk to us about Falun Gong." I was happy for their understanding and proceeded to tell them about Falun Gong.

At about 10 pm, three policemen arrived, but I was very confident and never felt so calm. I told them, "I tell you that I am definitely not going to the brainwashing center, none of you will be able to touch me today." My tone was very firm. I then told them how I was persecuted in the past few years, and after listening for a while the policemen went outside. A little later the director of the unit went outside as well. My child continuously sent forth righteous thoughts the whole time. I stood up, and through the window I saw that the policemen and the director were making phone calls. I guessed that they were reporting the situation to their supervisors. Seeing that they were furiously pacing back and forth, I realized that this should not continue. I could not leave anything for the evil to take advantage of. I told my child, "We have to send forth righteous thoughts to send them away." Immediately after we sent righteous thoughts, they suddenly looked like they received their orders and drove away. This was the second time I rejected the evil's arrangements with righteous thoughts.

In March 2004, a leader in my work unit secretly told me that I had to be careful, "The 610 Office has notified the unit to prepare personnel and funding to send you to a brainwashing center." I was quite doubtful when I heard this news. Teacher said,

"When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test. If it continues endlessly and if no other problems exist in your xinxing or conduct, it must be that demons are capitalizing on a weak spot caused by your lack of control." (Expounding on The Fa)

At that time my heart was very firm and truly unmoved. Even when the police arrived, I did not have even a slight fluctuation. Why did the same tribulation happen again? I carefully investigated my xinxing and behavior to try to find the problem . I would not have known if I had not looked inside. I was shocked to find out that even though at that time I sent forth-righteous thoughts to deny the vicious arrangement of the old forces, the old force did not give up. They watched us carefully to find our loopholes. Normally, especially when I meditated, in my mind I always thought, "What would I do if I were being arrested? How would I validate Dafa?" In this way, didn't I unconsciously acknowledge the old forces? After I became enlightened to this fact, I began to send forth righteous thoughts to negate the vicious arrangements of the old forces. We should pay attention to eliminate this thought, and we should not allow our minds to run wild. Since then, the 610 Office has not brought up the topic of the brainwashing center. Once again I negated the arrangements made by the old forces.

Through these three personal experiences, I am truly convinced of the power of the Fa, and at critical moments, we are the ones who have the final say. Teacher's compassionate protection has always encouraged me to strive forward diligently on the path of Fa rectification.