(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa disciples Ren Dechen and Tong Suoling from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, practice Falun Dafa along with their children. For this they have been constantly harassed, watched, and followed. Their home was illegally searched and they have been injured both physically and mentally.

On the evening of September 21, 2004, Wang Xucheng and about seven police officers from Jiuyuan District Police Department abducted the couple and searched their home. At the same time, their eldest son Ren Junshen was arrested, and their eldest daughter, Ren Junyan, was abducted from her home. Ren Junyan's husband works in another city and their nine-year-old son was left home alone. Ren Junshen and Ren Junyan are now being held in the Wuyuan County Forced Labor Camp and the Hohhot City Women's Forced Labor Camp, respectively.

Donghe District practitioner Chen Jianyong was illegally sentenced to three years in prison. His mother suffered mental trauma because of this and died soon thereafter. Chen Jianyong's wife was laid off due to her husband's situation and returned to her hometown. Their teenage child was left behind without care.

Practitioners Li Zhenjiang and Liu Jinhua, a couple, are illegally detained and no one takes care of their son, who is forced to roam the streets. Dafa disciple Yang Meiling and her mother-in-law were illegally detained because they clarified the truth of Falun Dafa. Their two-year-old toddler was at home with no one to provide care.

Responsible person:
Baotou City 610 Office head: Chen Jianzhong, 86-472-5129407, 86-472-5129306

December 26, 2004