Friday January 7, 2005

The Taiwanese branch of China's Falun Gong [...] group wants to rally 3,000 supporters Saturday to form a human chain protesting human rights abuses, the group said Friday.

The two-hour event, dubbed the "Long Wall of Justice," is designed to protest the persecution of its members by Chinese authorities, the group said.

Beijing [slanders and persecutes Falun Gong brutally]. China has arrested thousands of followers since it outlawed the group in 1999.

Saturday's Taipei rally will also feature lawyers who have started legal action against former Chinese President Jiang Zemin in 28 countries, the group said. Falun Gong says Jiang should bear responsibility for the alleged torture and deaths of hundreds of its followers under the crackdown.


Saturday's planned 6-kilometer-long (3.75-mile-long) human chain will cut through one of Taipei's busiest shopping areas, and will show pictures of alleged abuse by China, the group said.