(Clearwisdom.net) I am recording some stories about what happened to me and my child during our cultivation path during the past few years while we were immersed in the Fa and were under Teacher's immense care. If there is anything improper, please kindly point it out.

Walking through 2001 with righteous thoughts

During the Chinese New Year in 2001, Jiang's regime directed the staged self-immolation incident and used the opportunity to search out Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners were then arrested and forced to write "Guarantee Statements," and declare their abandonment of Falun Dafa cultivation. On New Year's Eve, the police came to our home and tried to force me to write a Guarantee Statement. They threatened me, saying that if I refused to write the statement, I would be sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and our son would not be able to attend the university and go abroad to study. I told them that my health had gone though tremendous changes because of my practice of Falun Gong, but the police wouldn't listen. Not being a practitioner, my husband was frightened and kept begging them to let us go.

My son, who is also a Dafa practitioner, said to the police without fear, "You can't send my mother to Masanjia. Masanjia is the most vicious place. They threw eighteen female Falun Dafa practitioners into a male jail cell without any clothes on. Did you know that? My mother is a good person. She was very ill and no doctor could help her until she started practicing Falun Gong. Now she is in good health. You have all seen that. I won't let you take her there. I will have no regrets even I do not attend a university or go abroad, if it's because of my mother practicing Falun Gong. I will never blame my mother." One of the policemen said to my husband, when they heard what my son said, "I have never seen a child who is so 'poisoned.'" The policeman then said to me, "I'll wait until eleven o'clock. If you don't make up your mind to break away from Falun Gong, I'll come to arrest you tomorrow morning. It will be up to you whether you'll be spending the New Year at home or elsewhere." The policeman turned around and said to my son, "I won't send your mother to Masanjia." They left and never appeared again.

On January 7, the Central TV Station broadcasted the so-called self-immolation incident, which shocked the world and made things very difficult for practitioners. I was frightened and couldn't help crying. Many of our relatives kept calling me, trying to persuade me to give up the practice. I did my best to convince them not to believe what they saw in the TV broadcast. I told them that our Teacher has never told us to use self-immolation to reach consummation. I told them that Teacher said that it was a crime to kill others or commit suicide. I felt I should have done more and felt very sad. Jiang Zemin is a very despicable and vicious person. I decided to tell others that all of these things were fabricated by Jiang's regime.

On January 10, I saw the analyses on the self-immolation. It was really good. I immediately distributed the truth-clarifying materials about the self-immolation to people. When I came back for the third time to fetch more materials, I was surprised when practitioners told me that all the materials had been destroyed. A practitioner told me the situation was extremely pressing and that they were very concerned about my safety. Since then they haven't made any truth-clarifying materials. The most painful thing was that, around May 1, they were all arrested and sentenced. Several practitioners around me were being suppressed. I felt very lonely and sad at that time, but I decided that I couldn't stop. I went to a more distant place to fetch more truth-clarifying materials and gave out the materials wherever I could.

Going to the countryside

As the Fa-rectification moved ahead and I learned things from Teacher like how to send forth righteous thoughts, I felt rejuvenated and greatly encouraged.

When my son entered his third year in high school, my husband rented a house close by the school so that it would be safer for me to commute in snowy weather. As he just finished renting the house, I coincidentally met several practitioners who were being forced to live away from home to avoid persecution. I let them live in the house, so truth-clarifying materials were coming in and out all the time. My son and I also settled down there.

I distributed the materials mainly in the countryside. In order to save time, I went to the market to buy ready-made supper after work. I then called a taxicab to get to the countryside. Twice, while I was walking on the snowy road making creaky sounds, many dogs were alerted and barked incessantly. I felt lucky that I had grown up in the countryside and that I was accustomed to all of these things.

During the dark nights, I wished that my son or other practitioners were by my side. I asked myself why I was frightened. Everyone here is my family!

Walking on the path of righteous thoughts and righteous actions

Once, my son and I wrote some words about Falun Gong on a bridge near our house. After we finished, we went to the market, which was usually dark at night. However, on that day there was a vehicle parked right in the middle of the market, and its headlights shined directly towards us. We thus used the light to write a few short truth-clarifying phrases on the electric pole and on the wall. As we kept writing and getting closer to the vehicle, I said to myself, "You should get going. We are going to write here next." Then they started the engine and left. We saw the words "public security" painted on the vehicle and there were four people in it. My son and I smiled at each other.

Once, I accidentally discovered a place to hang up a banner on the upper floor of a building across the street from a city security office near the south gate. A few days later, I brought a banner with "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa" written on it. There were two police vehicles parked in front of the building and the courtyard was very quiet. While I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Teacher's help, I went upstairs, hung up the banner, closed the window, and went out. Looking from across the street, I saw that the banner was squarely hung up. It looked so sacred and dignified.

Once, my son and I went to a large bridge to write truth-clarifying words on the bridge. I saw that my son had become so tall and big. The banner he wrote was so effective and elegant. One practitioner remarked, "The writing on that tall bridge is excellent. Everyone can see it when passing by."

One day I went to the courtyard of the 81st security guard office. This was the third time I had been there. I brought some truth-clarifying CD's I had made with me. I came to the door looking for a pen to mark the CD's so that I wouldn't give out the same CD twice. Then I heard someone shouting: "What are you coming here for? Are you delivering something?" I saw the guard, who put his hands on his waist, shouting at me. I smiled and he dropped his hands down. By then I had already finished marking on the CD's and walked towards him. He said to me, "I didn't mean anything. I don't care what you are distributing. A few days earlier, a woman came to distribute some Falun Gong materials." I said offhandedly, "What's wrong with Falun Gong materials? I have heard that Falun Gong is good. There are people practicing Falun Gong in more than fifty to sixty countries. It has spread all over the world. You should think about it more seriously. If Falun Gong practitioners are like what they say on the TV, such as they kill people or commit self-immolation, would anyone practice it then? It would collapse or disappear without the need of suppression." After he heard my argument, he turned around and went back to his office. I stood there sending forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil elements behind him.

My son transfers to the university

In 2002, my son passed the college entrance examination and was admitted to a famous university in Beijing. At first my husband wouldn't let me accompany my son to school because he was afraid that I might get into trouble. Two days before my son's departure, he changed his mind and let me go with them. This was the first time I had been to Beijing. My husband didn't want to go to Tiananmen Square but, after our son and I pleaded with him, he agreed that we could pass by there. There were many people in Tiananmen Square. I wanted to take a rest there, but he wouldn't let me. While he was reading the map, my son and I shouted, "Give back my Teacher's good name. Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!"

We left Tiananmen Square; but I shed tears with shame and remorse because I knew I had shouted with fear in my heart. My shout was weak and without strength. I felt endless pain.

Several days later, we went to deliver something to our son and went to Tiananmen Square. This time I brought along some self-sticking posters with "Falun Dafa is good" written on them. As we got off the train, I started putting up the posters. I put some at the train station, in Tiananmen Square, somewhere next to the square, and at the entrance to the university.

Two months later, my son refused to answer questions in an exam because they slandered Dafa. He also attached a write-up to explain his reason for refusing to answer these questions. It mentioned the development of Dafa, within the country and abroad, before and after July 20, 1999, as well as the situation of Dafa practitioners who were being beaten and arrested without any legal recourse. It shocked the party secretary at the university. My son was therefore suspended from the university. After we heard the news, we all sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil. The school party committee decided that they wouldn't send my son to the public security bureau, but that he'd need to write a "Guarantee Statement" that he would quit practicing Falun Dafa. Because of such an unfair demand, we let our son discontinue his schooling and leave the university.

For a short while, the atmosphere in our family became tense; all our relatives and friends thought our son's future was completely ruined. My husband couldn't bear it anymore. He was afraid that the affair might get out of hand, so he signed the guarantee statement behind my back. He also forced our son to write one. I felt pity for them and knew that the evil old forces had caused all this. I needed to keep my calm under such circumstances. We studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts every day. Other practitioners around us also helped us eradicate the evil. With great compassion, I tried to do everything well and to care for everyone in my family. I took actions to care for them and treasure them. Regardless of their complaints, their lack of understanding, and their not wanting to listen to my explanations, I endured it all and eradicated the evil elements behind them. Later, a teacher at the university found another university for my son. He thus began his new studies. I knew that our Teacher was taking care of all these things. I can only do my best so that I will not disappoint our Teacher.

Eliminating sickness karma with righteous thoughts

On the morning of Chinese New Year's Eve in 2003, a fellow practitioner delivered several hundred flyers and VCD's to our house. My son and I put them in envelopes and sealed them with two-sided sticking tape with haste. Later on that afternoon, while my husband and I were preparing dinner for the New Year's Eve, I started to feel uncomfortable and lethargic, so I went to rest in the bedroom. Suddenly, I could not see things clearly. I lay down and listened to Teacher's lectures. Then I felt I lost control of my hands and sensed something was wrong, so I sat up and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. However, I couldn't concentrate and send forth righteous thoughts with a clear mind. I used my willpower to strengthen my main consciousness and to remember that I was a cultivator. I managed to call a fellow practitioner and told her about my condition and asked for her help in sending forth righteous thoughts. I asked my son to increase the volume of Teacher's lectures to the maximum and put on headphones. I told myself to listen attentively with every cell in my body. I also asked my divine side to take control. I pleaded with Teacher, "Teacher, I want to follow you and save all sentient beings. I will not accept the arrangements made by the old forces. I only want whatever you have arranged for me." I focused on my righteous thoughts with my utmost righteous mind. When I woke up, it was almost midnight. My husband told me, "Our son didn't want me to wake you up. He wanted me to let you rest some more." He continued, "What happened to you so that you couldn't even cook dinner for New Year's Eve and we had to eat these cold dishes?" My son and I were extremely happy though; we knew that Teacher had helped me pass the test of life and death. At this time, we heard the sound of fireworks outside. My husband and my son went outside to light our fireworks. I started to send forth righteous thoughts again.

"Buddha's light shines everywhere; propriety and righteousness harmonize everything"

The cultivation environment in my work unit is excellent. I have been able to study the Fa whenever I have free time at work. I listen to Teacher's lectures without being interfered with.

My office is located on the ground floor and a parking garage is directly outside the window. One piece of glass on the window was broken, so I nailed a piece of plastic on the upper edge of the window and left the bottom part loose. Practitioners would deliver truth-clarifying materials through it. If I wasn't in the office, my officemates would put the materials away for me. All my coworkers in my office support my learning the Fa. They are all willing to listen to Teacher's lectures with me.

Once, it shocked a fellow practitioner when she came to my office. She wondered how I could play Teacher's lectures so openly. Another time, when I went to the office, it was very quiet, and several workers from the parking garage and supply department were quietly reading truth-clarifying materials.

Once, a classmate of a co-worker came to our office. My co-worker put a truth-clarifying VCD in his coat pocket and told me, "I gave it to him so that he'll know the truth." I was truly touched.

An officer in charge of the security department told me, "There is one book I can guarantee that you do not own. I have never seen you reading it." While talking, he secretly took a book out of his pocket. It was a blue covered book, Essentials for Further Advancement. He told me that they had let him take all the Dafa books collected by the security department. He also said he had a copy of Zhuan Falun. I was so happy to hear that.

Our unit is marketing a new product. A new vendor, who wasn't familiar with our product requirements, supplied a semi-finished product to us. Because I am the overall examiner of all products coming into our factory, I patiently explained the key points, measurements and the requirements to the delivery person. Several days later, the manager of that manufacturer came to our unit with their own examiner. They asked me to come to the aisle and then took out a necklace from an exquisitely wrapped box and gave it to me. Because they were the new vendor and had no knowledge about my background, I told them that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and that helping them was my responsibility. I wouldn't accept any gifts and told them not to worry about it anymore. Then, I asked them to come inside and gave them truth-clarifying materials. They read them attentively. After they finished reading the materials, they folded them up, carefully put them in their bags, held my hands and kept thanking me.

When I closed the door after seeing them off, a co-worker came in from the next room. This co-worker used to be the deputy director of general affairs and had just moved down from upstairs. As he pushed open the door, he said to me, "I've never seen a good person like you. I overheard the conversation you had with the new vendor." I smiled and said, "All Falun Gong practitioners would have behaved the same way." He didn't respond and quietly closed the door behind him. When he first moved downstairs, I kept wondering how to clarify the truth to him. Now, he has some understanding about Dafa and it will be easier for me to clarify the truth to him later on.

During the period when our work unit was processing health insurance cards for workers, many workers from other factories all came to our factory. I took this opportunity to clarify the truth to as many people as I could. I gave out flyers or VCDs to those who I didn't have the chance to clarify the truth to directly. Some people looked at the package even after they walked quite a distance away and said, "Thank you." I was so touched and tried hard to restrain myself from crying. I was deeply aware that what was happening resulted from the mighty power of Dafa.

How I went through July 20 somewhere else

I went with my son somewhere away from home prior to July 20, 2004. We found fellow practitioners quickly and established a Fa study group. This was the fifth anniversary of Dafa practitioners being persecuted in Mainland China. In addition to passing out truth-clarifying materials, we also made Dafa banners. Fellow practitioners were even more clever with their hands. They made many lovely boards with the words, "Falun Dafa is good," on them, with yellow and red tassels attached on both sides. We hung them up in high places by nailing or taping them onto the wall. They looked very pretty. A practitioner also made many decorations sealed with "Falun Dafa is good" on a string.

Let me end my stories about validating Dafa with this point.

I would like to say a few words about the basic issue, that is, studying the Fa. One cannot stray away from studying the Fa on the path of Fa-rectification, as everything is derived from it. My method of Fa studying is to memorize it. By memorizing the Fa, one experiences that which life is longing for. When you are totally absorbed in memorizing the Fa to the point where you are totally dissolved into it, you'll be enlightened to the Fa suddenly and you'll have the feeling of something being revealed to you layer upon layer. As you make progress, the deeper meaning of the Fa will be displayed in front of you continually. Every paragraph, every sentence, and every word contain layer upon layer of deep meaning. It is truly wonderful. Why not give it a try?

I also emphasize practicing the Dafa exercises. Since July 20, 1999, I have never stopped doing the exercises. If, under certain circumstances, I missed doing the exercises, I made up for it later. I handle sending righteous thoughts this way: Besides the four times of sending forth righteous thoughts globally, I usually do it on the hour if I can manage it. Moreover, Minghui Weekly is a must read for me. One reason for this is that I want to keep up with Fa-rectification since we are one whole body, and the other reason is to gain different aspects of enlightening.

I'll end here. These are my personal understandings and experiences. Please correct me if anything is not proper.