(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Su Aigui was a Falun Gong practitioner from Hushi Township, Tianmen City. She started practicing Falun Gong before 1999. Prior to practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Su suffered from several acute illnesses. After she started practicing, her illnesses miraculously disappeared. For this reason, Su Aigui always said that it was Master's grace that gave her a second life. After the start of the persecution in 1999, she and her husband persisted in the practice of Falun Gong. Because of this, the local police continuously came to harass and interfere with the couple, to compel them to renounce the practice. Under that situation, the couple had no choice but to abandon their home and relocate. Ms. Su and her husband supported themselves by collecting and recycling waste materials. As if making them homeless wasn't enough, the police still sent out parties to search high and low for their whereabouts.

In 2001, a police officer caught Ms. Su's husband on the street. He was sent back to Tianmen City and imprisoned in the local detention center, where he was brutally interrogated. Unable to bear the torture, he told them the whereabouts of their temporary dwelling. Later, the police also arrested Su Aigui and confiscated her Falun Gong books and truth clarification materials.

On the second day of her arrest in the detention center, two policemen interrogated Su Aigui as to where she had gotten the Falun Gong materials. When Su Aigui did not reply, the police viciously hit her face and ear until she lost consciousness. When Ms. Su regained consciousness, she firmly warned them that she would expose their crimes. Those police officers thought that they could intensify the punishment by imprisoning her in the "trumpet cell" [a tiny cell where mobility is restricted to reform difficult prisoners]. When the policeman tried to drag her into the trumpet cell, she caught onto his leg and held on tightly without budging and boldly shouted: "This is not a place for me to stay; I did not commit any crime to deserve this." Somehow, even after a half-hour struggle, the police could not get her to let go. They had no choice but to abandon the idea and send Ms. Su back to her cell.

Several days after this incident, the 610 Office Chief Zheng Xianjie directed several officers to relocate Ms. Su to the Pei Township Police Station and confine her in a small house, where she was tied up and hung from the window with only the tip of her toes touching the ground. In this position, seven to eight police officers took turns beating and torturing her for an entire day, trying to get her to talk. Su Aigui remained steadfast and resolute in her belief in Master. She was unmoved and didn't reveal anything. From then on, the police abandoned the idea of torturing her to force a confession.

One day, the supervisor at the detention center ordered all the inmates to get their hair cut and photographs taken. Su Aigui shared her understanding with fellow practitioners in the prison that the requirement was meant for criminals, and since they were not criminals, they should not comply with the request. However, at the time of the photo session, some practitioners complied with the request. Su Aigui became worried, so she spoke up: "Do not bow to the evil, do not comply with the evil's request, do not compromise and promise anything to the evil."

When the police supervisor Li Qune tried to get her to take a photograph, Su Aigui resolutely refused. Consequently, the police began hitting her with rubber clubs; each lash would leave a bruise on her body. In this way, in front of almost 200 people, Li Qune thrashed Mr. Su all over until her whole body was covered with green and purple bruises. Finally, he dragged her in front of the camera to have her picture taken. Su Aigui refused to comply by closing her eyes in front of the camera. Without her cooperation, there was nothing they could do. The police finally gave up. Unable to get anything out of her, after a month of imprisonment, Su Aigui was released. Her husband, however, was sentenced to a labor camp.

Around the time of the Sixteenth National Congress in 2003, the authorities feared that Su Aigui might go to Beijing to appeal. They had the police break into her home at night. They abducted her and took her to the police station. At the time of the abduction, Ms. Su's elderly 90-year-old mother-in-law was lying in bed. Her 75-year-old disabled mother tearfully begged the police and said: "Who will look after us, who will provide food and water for us after you take her?" The police did not seem to care. Soon after arriving at the detention center, Su Aigui began a hunger strike to protest her arrest. After a few days, the police officers instructed several inmates to handcuff her to the door panel and to force-feed her with vinegar and hot pepper water. She was continuously beaten during the entire force-feeding process. The force-feeding continued for six days. While facing this severe persecution, Su Aigui sternly warned the perpetrators: "Whatever you have said and whatever deeds you have committed, I do not acknowledge them, but none of the wrong deeds you've done shall be forgotten!" After nine days of torture, the prison doctor thought she could not live through a few more days, and only then did the officers arrange for her to be sent home.

After Ms. Su got home, her mother also became bedridden because of the shock and trauma she went through, and she could not care for Su Aigui. As she continued to maintain her Fa study and to practice the exercises, Ms. Su began to recover. Unfortunately, however, because of the severe persecution, she had difficulty eating. Her constitution remained weak, and Su Aigui died on January 7, 2005.

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Tianmen City: 5222010, 5222555 (Public Security Bureau); Investigative Services Department: 5223159
Tianmen City Enforcement Department: 5222430
Tianmen City Propaganda Office: 5231588
Jinlin Local Police Station: 5222665
Crime Squad Police Department: 5331205
Public Security Department: 5333822

Town of Tianmen 610 Office's personnel telephone numbers:

Public Security Department:
Ye Xiaobin: 5222603 (Home)
Ni Tigao: 5239689 (Home)
Liu Zhihua: 5228466

City of Tianmen, Pei Township local police station phone numbers:
Zhang Weiping: 13035372686 (Cell phone)
Li Jianfeng: 13507222610 (Cell)
Dong Junbo: 13907222347 (Cell)
Lu Yuegang: 13607220565 (Cell)
Wang Bin: 13607220620 (Cell)
Cheng Xiangbin (a notoriously vicious person): 13707222970 (Cell)

January 19, 2005