(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004, the police arrested me from my office because I practice Falun Dafa. The local Dafa practitioners immediately started working as one body, and used righteous thoughts and actions to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that were responsible for this big tribulation. Six months later, I was unconditionally released.

After I was arrested, a fellow practitioner visited another, whose brother is the chief of the local police station, to brainstorm on ways to free me. This practitioner had some concerns about her brother, so she hesitated at first. Another practitioner encouraged her, saying, "A fellow practitioner's well-being is our well-being. If a fellow practitioner has tribulations, we should help him." Finally, she faced her brother with courage. With her strong righteous thoughts, she aroused her brother's goodness and persuaded him not to report my case to the higher authorities. He also agreed that I had not done anything illegal.

In the meantime, my relatives also acted. They frequently visited my employer, as well as the local 610 Office and the police department, to ask for my release. Dafa disciples also advised them and helped them with righteous thoughts. My colleagues also helped. Because of my previous truth clarification and that of other practitioners in my workplace, my colleagues had a good impression of Dafa. In fact, they actively clarified the facts to my boss. They also wrote a letter that objectively and justly summarized my work record and my character. My boss, too, sent a letter to the higher authorities. My classmates helped me by making phone calls.

The practitioners at home sent forth righteous thoughts together and coordinated very well as one body. Some of them sent righteous thoughts in front of the police station. Their efforts effectively eliminated the evil factors. Some practitioners also called the chief of the police station, sent him letters to reveal the evil persecution, and called for my immediate release.

I also looked within myself to find the cause of my tribulation. I had attachments to doing Dafa work and could not study the Fa with a calm mind. I was not diligent in my cultivation. I did not assimilate to the Fa in time, and I did not keep up with the Fa-rectification. I spent less time on sending forth righteous thoughts and sometimes the effect was not good. I did not drive out the interference soon enough and did not cleanse my dimensions. Thus, the evil gained a chance to take advantages of my gaps.

By studying the Fa, I realized that the most important reason that I did not thoroughly deny the old forces' arrangements is that I did not study the Fa enough. I did not fully understand the old forces. The old forces are always trying to exploit our shortcomings. If we keep our righteous thoughts and have a clear understanding of the Fa at all times, we will be immune to the old forces' interference. We can walk our righteous path only if we do "the three things" well.

After I understood my situation from the perspective of the Fa, I began to study the Fa and recite the Fa with a calm mind and send righteous thoughts hourly. I felt my own dimension starting to become pure. The manifestation in our dimension is that I was released unconditionally.

Master's strengthening and the help of my fellow practitioners made it possible for me to break through the tribulation. I appreciate very much Master's compassion and my fellow practitioners' efforts. I will walk my path righteously in the future. This tribulation caused me to realize that the power of righteous thoughts is infinite. As long as Dafa disciples cooperate as one body, we can definitely stop the persecution.

If a Dafa disciple in your area is illegally detained, everybody should share understandings based on the Fa and help to free this disciple. We do so by clarifying the facts to all concerned and sending forth righteous thoughts. It is an integral part of our local Fa-rectification.

January 17, 2005