County Official in Hebei Province Rewarded for His Kind Treatment of Falun Dafa

The wife of a county government official in Hebei Province had suffered paralysis of one side of her body and could not take care of herself. Her condition did not improve, even after being examined by famous doctors and taking expensive medicines. Each day, the official had to do all the house-work after coming home, fulfilling multiple roles of breadwinner, housekeeper and caretaker. Burnout from the workload and worry over the uncertain prospects of his wife's recovery had put him under tremendous pressure. He could think of nothing else to do for her but seek expensive medical treatment, and those efforts had been ineffective.

When the Jiang regime began the suppression of Falun Gong, the official became chronically exhausted from the additional workload caused by the campaign against Falun Gong practitioners within his organization. He was suddenly overwhelmed with meetings, surveillance, monitoring, arrests and transformation sessions conducted under the guise of helping to raise political awareness, but which in fact was nothing less than the systematic brainwashing of Falun Gong practitioners. At the end of each day, he found that he had run out of time without completing all his required duties. As the days progressed and the suppression escalated, he began to view these things from a calmer perspective and realized that that the activities of the Falun Gong practitioners were neither anti-social, anti-humanity, anti-government nor anti-science, as they had been depicted on television. After doing their Falun Gong exercises in the mornings before work, the practitioners would always show up to work on time, were good workers on the job, and did their exercises again in the evenings after work. None of them had anything whatsoever to do with corruption, theft or robbery. On the contrary, the behavior of practitioners was commendable no matter where they were or what they were doing. Taking another look at his new duties, it became clear to this official that all those meetings and all the surveillance, monitoring, abduction and coercive brainwashing disguised as political education were not only against the law, but in violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by citizenship.

Gradually he began to realize that Falun Gong was innocent and that it had been framed. He also understood that this hostile treatment of innocent people would result in the loss of one's virtue, so whenever he received crackdown orders from higher officials, he was able to handle the situation properly. Whenever arrests of Falun Gong practitioners were to be carried out, he always assumed personal risks to judiciously offer whatever protection he could to the practitioners.

His kind actions toward practitioners generated benevolent personal recompense. At about the same time, his wife's illness took a turn toward recovery. To his surprise, he noticed that his wife's condition was improving day by day. She was regaining control of her arms and legs and generally becoming more and more energetic. She has completely recovered now and is able to do all the household chores by herself. According to experts, when sufferers of this type of illness approach sixty years of age like this official's wife, the illness becomes very difficult to stabilize. In light of that fact, her complete recovery is nothing less than a miracle.

Their sons and daughters are also doing well in their work; their incomes have increased and their business operations have also grown significantly. Four generations of this official's family all live under one roof now, enjoying family unity and harmony with a positive outlook.

A Relative is Promoted Two Ranks Higher after Rescuing Falun Dafa Practitioner

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Wei County, Hebei Province, was taken into police custody for distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. When one of his relatives learned of the situation, he rescued the practitioner from police custody. Soon afterward, this relative was promoted two ranks higher. It is indeed true that one thought of kindness leads to acts of kindness, which accumulate one's personal virtue. The double promotion was a material reflection of that increase in virtue.

December 9, 2004