(Clearwisdom.net) The police savagely persecuted Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Shuqiu from Yunnan Province. She died at home around late October 2004.

Ms. Chen Shuqiu, 56, was a retired worker who came to Kunming City from another location. On May 18, 2001, while she was distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials, she was reported to police and subsequently arrested. She was then detained in the No. 2 Division of Yunnan Province Women's Forced Labor Camp.

As Chen Shuqiu was firm in her belief in Falun Dafa, the police tormented her mentally, and also forced her to watch people being beaten. Her mind was traumatized and she lost control of her bladder. Her blood pressure once was as high as 230/120 mmhg. Because of the mental torment, she could no longer move and had to lie in bed. However, the police still forced her to perform manual labor. Later, a doctor saw her and confirmed that she was seriously ill. The police did not notify her son until they feared that her life was in danger. When the son came and saw his mother so weak from being tormented, he said to the leaders of the forced labor camp, "When my mother was practicing Falun Gong in the past, she became very healthy, but now, just within several months after you arrested her, you have tortured her to this state." The police feared shouldering responsibility, so they told her son to post bail for her medical treatment.

After Chen Shuqiu left the labor camp, though her health had not yet recovered, personnel from the Daguan Police Station in the Wuhua District of Kunming City often came to her home to make trouble.

On August 24, 2004, when the court was illegally sentencing the Dafa practitioner couple Han Zhenkun and Guo Juan, Chen Shuqiu went to the court along with several fellow practitioners to hear the sentence. They remained outside the court chambers. The police videotaped them and further threatened them. After that, all practitioners who attended the hearing were video-recorded, which was then used by the police to summon them for trial. Some were even arrested on the spot.

At about 11:00 p.m. one night, officers from the Daguan Police Station again came to Chen Shuqiu's place, ordering her to come to the police station "for a talk." She did not open the door, so the policemen had to leave.

Chen is divorced and her two children work in other places. She rented a shop in Kunming City and lives on her own.

Around October 30, she said to a fellow practitioner that the police harassment made her unable to sleep for that whole night. Since then, she always had bad dreams at night, felt dizzy and weak, and her mind was unsettled. The next day when this fellow practitioner passed by her shop, the shop was not open. Four days later it was learned that Chen Shuqiu had died in her home. The landlord reported her death to the police station. The policemen hurriedly sent her remains for cremation and took away her Falun Gong books and other truth-clarifying materials.

Yunnan Province No. 2 Forced Labor Camp
Address: Daping Ba, Renxing Town, Lufeng County, Chuxiong State in Yunnan Province, Postal Code: 651209
(Postal Address is PO Box 405, Daping Ba. They have six Divisions from No. 1 to No. 6, and there are two other divisions in Anning City)

(Dial country code + area code before all numbers below except cell phones. For cell phones, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 878)

Fax: 4861333
Head of the labor camp: Ban Zhigang, 4861798 (Office), 4861179 (Home), 13008628788 (Cell)
Political head: Li Yunfa, 4867189 (Office), 13187655899 (Cell)
Deputy head: Bai Huizhong, 4861796 (Office), 4861029 (Home), 13008628169 (Cell)
Deputy head: Li Zigang, 4861028 (Office), 4861015 (Home), 13008627718 (Cell)
Secretary of the discipline committee: Shi Zhongqing, 4861146 (Office), 4861095 (Home), 13008628889 (Cell)
Head of Political Division: Zhao Jianjun, 4861132 (Office), 4861075 (Home), 13008628898 (Cell)
Head of the administration office: Fan Jinhong, 4861034 (Office), 4861143 (Home), 13013427626 (Cell)
Deputy head of the administration office: Li Zeyou, 4861034 (Office), 4861152 (Home), 13008627599 (Cell)
Deputy head of the administration office: Zhang Youping, 4861034 (Office), 4861199 (Home), 13038695589 (Cell)

Yunnan Province Women's Forced Labor Camp (Note: dial country code + area code before all numbers below except cell phones. For cell phones, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 871)

Address: Daban Bridge, Kunming City (there are a total of three divisions)
Postal Code: 650211

Fax: 7337274
Labor Camp Head: Yu Xiaonan, 7337289 (Office), 13099416601 (Cell)
Political Head: Tan Nianping, 7337382 (Office), 13099415617 (Cell)
Labor Camp Deputy Head: Wei Fengling, 7337271 (Office), 13099416607 (Cell)
Labor Camp Deputy Head: Zhang Haiyan, 7337081 (Office), 13888494640 (Cell)
Secretary of the Discipline Committee: Li Xuemei, 7337204 (Office), 13013309115 (Cell)
Head of the Administration Office: Li Fajun, 7337381 (Office), 13577153853 (Cell)
Deputy Head of the Administration Office: Zhang Haiou, 7337381 (Office), 13099416669 (Cell)