(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Song Zhenling from Huazhuang Village, Lutai Township, Huaiyang County, Henan Province and his wife Wang Guijin are both in their 30's. Police in Lutai Substation forced Wang Jingui to abort her 9 month old fetus. Ms. Wang was admitted to the County Birth Plan Technical Guidance Station, and put under 24 hour a day monitoring by 4 policemen.

In 2000, this couple was detained in the Huaiyang County Detention Center because they went to Beijing to appeal. Their families later bailed them out. They left home to avoid near certain arrest and were living in another practitioner's home, but were detained again after' police ransacked that' home in 2001. They went on a hunger strike and finally were both released after 29 days. After being released they had to remain homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested again, and eked out a living selling tofu in Dancheng County.

On February 21, 2004, many Falun Dafa material centers in Zhoukou region were raided by police. On February 26, Dancheng County police arrested them, along with their 4-year-old child. Police found Falun Dafa Books and a notebook computer in their rental house, and suspected that their place served as an internet connection point. They were transferred back to the Huaiyang County Detention Center. Mr. Song Zhenling has been on hunger strike nearly 200 days now, and his life is in danger. Ms. Wang Guijin was also on a hunger strike for 22 days and almost died. The Detention Center released her [along with her son] for fear of being responsible for their death.

After one month, the County "610 Office" and police from the Township Police Substation came to their home to arrest her, but failed. They took away her father and some of her relatives instead. Her father was sentenced to a 1-year prison term for the so-called ""crime"" of ""hiding criminals"." Her relatives had to be bailed out and cost the couple several thousand yuan in fines. The Vice Director of the County Police Station, Zheng Xianfang, said, "If we can not arrest her, we will arrest all those we can find, no matter if they are adults or children."

Police officer Zheng Wei, nephew of Zheng Xianfang, reported Ms. Wang. Police arrested her again and locked her up in Huaiyang Detention Center. They found out she was pregnant and then released her. The County "610 Office" instructed Lutai Police Substation to monitor Ms. Wang. The Director of Lutai Substation, Dai Zhengyun, was afraid he would not be able to torture Ms. Wang after she gave birth to the child, so he had the idea of forcing her to abort her baby, using birth control as the excuse [Note: China still has the one-child policy in enforcement]. Ms. Wang was resisting the torture, but several police pressed down on her belly to force the baby out, and killed the baby in the process.

Ms. Wang is still being watched closely in the County Birth Plan Technical Guidance Station. Police are waiting for her one-month recovery period to end so they can take her back to the detention center for further torture.

The Lutai Police Substation phone numbers: 86-394-2951066.

Director Dai Zhengyun of the Lutai Police Substation phone numbers, 86-1390-3943197(cell).

Party Secretary Wang Xun, 86-1393-8061988 (cell).

Lutai Township Chair Shang Duanliang, 86-1383-8609988(cell).

Party Political Judiciary Secretary Chen Ping, 86-1393-8052512 (cell).

Police Zhu Qi (driver), 86-1393-804-7655 (cell).

Huaiyang County zip code is 466700.