(Clearwisdom.net) In Guangzhou there any many examples of people treating Falun Dafa kindly and then being rewarded. We hope that those who have experienced these types of cases and those who know about these kinds of cases write articles to Clearwisdom.net and later we can organize them into a brochure.

Story One

There is a doctor in Guangzhou City who bought a Zhuan Falun in 1999 before the crackdown. He had not started to practice and nor was caught with the book after July 20, 1999. However, he did not return the book or destroy it like other people, but hid the book instead. Recently, the doctor was diagnosed with cancer. A practitioner lives next door to him. The practitioner went to the doctor's house and clarified the truth about the persecution to him and told him to silently recite "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance are good". Later, this practitioner gave the brochure entitled "Unexpectedly find a way out of a desperate situation" to the doctor. On their most recent meeting, the doctor joyfully told the practitioner that he had recovered from the cancer. Since he is a doctor, he had read all of his recent lab results. Everything is back to normal. He repeatedly expressed his thanks to the practitioner. The practitioner said, "Thank our Master." He also kept saying, "Thanks to Master."

The practitioner was going to ask the doctor to give the brochure back to him when he was ready to leave, so he could give it to other people who have a pre-destined relationship. The doctor tightly held on to the brochure and did not want to return it to the practitioner. So, the practitioner told him to give the brochure to other people and let more people understand the truth so they too could be saved.

Story Two

A mid-level manager in a bank in Guangzhou has been married for almost ten years and could not get pregnant. One day she received a truth-clarifying flier in her door slot. She had some confusion after she read it. At work, on the following day, she took the initiative and asked a practitioner in her department about the flier and came to know the truth. The practitioner clarified the truth about the persecution to her for a couple of hours. The manager who took the initiative to ask about the truth and understand it was rewarded. She became pregnant a month later. Everybody was so happy and all congratulated her. Later, she had a beautiful baby girl.

August 22, 2004