(Clearwisdom.net) Jinzhou Prison's 4th And 8th Divisions sent several Falun Dafa practitioners to special confinement rooms to be tortured. Prison guards used two electronic batons to shock practitioners' heads and bodies until the batons ran out of electricity. These practitioners were covered with burn marks left by the electronic batons. After the shock torture, the guards forced the same practitioners to "hold stools." This method of torture involves using stools that are pyramid-shaped with dimensions of 40cm (15.6 inches) at the bottom, 30cm (11.7 inches) on top, and approximately 45cm (17.55 inches) tall. There are two metal rings, one on either side of the stool. Practitioners were forced to spread their arms around the stool through these two rings, and then were handcuffed together to form a circle. They also had to spread their legs and then were shackled together. Some practitioners were forced to hold the stool for as long as 11 days! When they were released, their limbs felt like they were disjointed and they could hardly move! The prison guards still forcibly pulled at them, which led to excruciating pain for practitioners in their arms and legs. It hurt so much that even a gentle touch to the arms or legs was unbearably painful.

The guards also tied up Falun Dafa practitioners from the 2nd Division with steel wire and deprived them of sleep for 24 hours. This is the truth of how Jinzhou Prison authorities have been torturing Falun Dafa practitioners.