(Clearwisdom.net) The Qingyang District People's Hospital in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province has cooperated with the Chengdu City "610 Office" and has taken the initiative to systematically kill nearly ten Falun Gong practitioners by mistreatment. The hospital continues to illegally torment a number of practitioners. The practitioners who are known to have been persecuted to death by the hospital are: Deng Jianping, Duan Shiqiong, Chen Guijun, Hu Hongyue, Huang Lisha, Shen Lizhi; several other practitioners who did not reveal their names have also died there.

Ms. Deng Jianping died on August 11, 2004

Ms. Chen Guijun died on December 21, 2003

Ms. Duan Shiqiong died on September 16, 2003

Ms. Hu Hongyue died in November 2002

Ms. Huang Lisha died in October 2002

Ms. Zhang Yalin suffered a mental collapse due to injections with unknown drugs

This hospital is the appointed hospital for the Chengdu Detention Center. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted in this hospital, by means of force-feeding or by injection of medicine that damages the central nerve system. After a practitioner dies, the authorities hide the practitioner's remains in a crude morgue of the Chengdu City No. 2 Railway Bureau Central Hospital, and cremate the body at the Wenjiang Funeral Parlor without recording the name.

Since July 20, 1999, Jiang's scoundrel political regime has been insanely persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The police beat practitioners and torture them with electric batons. They restrain practitioners in handcuffs and iron foot shackles, torture them with a method called the "Death Bed" _blank">Death Bed">Death Bed," and abuse them in a number of painful and humiliating ways. In order to cover up the truth of the inhuman killing of Dafa practitioners, and in order to extort money from the practitioners' family members, the Chengdu City "610 Office" and the Public Security Department manipulate and conspire with the Qingyang District People's Hospital to viciously destroy practitioners both physically and mentally. They have set up a special area in the hospital that is strictly guarded by armed police. The authorities rigorously block any information from leaving this area, and they usually disallow visits by the practitioners' family members. The family members of the practitioners who were tortured to death have had to spend several thousand yuan (1) and had to hire a lawyer in order to investigated the deaths of their loved ones, but what they received were only a few simple test results. All hospital records of treatment and relevant case histories were not accessible at all.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Deng Jingping, 42, was abducted by police at her rented residence near the north side of the Chengdu Railway Station on March 13, 2004. She was illegally detained and brutally tortured. She was then sent to the Qingyang District People's Hospital on July 22 when she became critically ill. On August 10, her parents and elder brother visited her at the hospital, and saw that she was very emaciated, could not move and had lost consciousness, but she was still wearing foot shackles weighing several dozens of kilograms, which had caused her feet to become deformed. It was in the middle of summer, but Ms. Deng was wearing the same red sweater that she wore when she was arrested. She was lying in her own urine and feces and most of the skin on her buttocks was necrotic, with flesh and blood mixed together. Ms. Deng was too weak to respond to her family member's outcries. At 12:30 p.m. on August 11, 2004, Deng Jingping died at the hospital.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Duan Shiqiong was 34 years old. On June 19, 2003, the Jinniu District Court secretly sentenced her to 7 years in prison. On June 27, she appealed to the Chengdu City Intermediate Court, and on July 24 she started a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution. Ms. Duan was transferred to bed No. 13 of the surgical department in Qingyang District People's Hospital on August 11, and suffered from brutal torment. The hospital sent out a notice that she was terminally ill on September 10, and she died at 3 a.m. on September 16 at the hospital.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chen Guijun, 59 and a retired worker of the Second Farm of Xinjiang Province Construction Corporation, lived in the Food Bureau Employees' apartment complex located at No. 28 Zhengfu Street of Dawan Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. On April 14, 2003, Ms. Chen was abducted in a residence in Qingbaijiang District, and sent to the Chengdu City Detention Center where she was violently tortured by the guards. In early November 2003, the detention center sent Ms. Chen, who was close to death, to the Qingyang District People's Hospital for "rescue." Chen Guijun died at 5 p.m. on December 21, 2003. She only weighed about 60 lbs.

Dafa practitioner Ms Hu Hongyue was a 45-year-old cadre in the Xindu County Oil Pump and Spigot Factory. On September 28, 2002, Ms Hu and Zhang Yalin were arrested at a public bus stop in Chengdu by plainclothes policemen and were detained in the Chengdu City Detention Center. Hu Hongyue and Zhang Yalin conducted a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, but they were barbarically force-fed, had medicine poured down their throats and were injected with harmful drugs. In November 2002, Hu Hongyue died from the effects of the persecution at Qingyang District Hospital, and was cremated on November 19. Her family and workplace staff was not allowed to see her remains. Ms. Zhang Yalin was injected with drugs that harm the central nervous system. She ended up suffering a mental collapse and became incontinent. She was sent twice to Nanmusi Female Labor Camp of Sichuan, but was rejected because she was diagnosed with severe mental distress and other illnesses while detained in the labor camp. At present, Zhang Yalin is illegally detained in the Chengdu City Detention Center.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Huang Lisha, 35, was from Emei City, Sichuan Province. On August 22, 2002, Ms. Huang was unjustly detained by the Supo Police Station in Qinyang district of Chengdu city, and was held in the Chengdu Detention Center. She was force-fed with drugs and injected with a transfusion. A reaction to the drugs caused her to vomit and pass blood. In late October 2002, Ms. Huang Lisha died in the Qingyang District People's Hospital.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Shen Lizhi was 33 years old. On February 1, 2002, police officers from Yingmenkou Police Station in Chengdu City arrested Shen Lizhi and his wife on the No. 75 Bus in Chengdu City, and detained them at the Chengdu Detention Center. Shen Lizhi was tortured by Tian Xinming from the "610 Office" and others. He died in the afternoon of March 3, 2002 at the Qingyang District People's Hospital. Shen Lizhi's wife Luo Fang was eight months pregnant at the time of her arrest, and Tian Xinming forced her to have an abortion.

The responsibility of the hospital should be to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. However, Jiang's faction uses political influence, enticements of promotion, huge bonuses, etc. to intimidate and lead the cadres, doctors and nurses of the hospital. The hospital is thus compelled to follow the evil intentions of the Jiang regime, systematically persecuting illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners and killing them by "subtle means." This hospital, honored as a place where the wounded and dying are healed, has instead brought about the death of innocent practitioners.

Relevant telephone numbers:
Qingyang District People's Hospital reception desk: 86-28-86247602
President: Wang Daoyuan, 86-28-86642003 (office)
Secretary: Gao Wei, 86-28-86-697275 (office)
Vice-president: Pu Wutai
Internal Medicine Patient Department: 86-28-86245591 86-28-86632755
Surgery Patient Department: 86-28-86631996
Party member monitoring number: 86-28-86273480
Hospitalization monitoring number: 86-28-86697275£¬86-28-86251306£¬86-28-86633874
Main doctors who persecute practitioners: Li Fanghong, Fu Tao.
Nurse: Chen Tinging, Lin Wanqiong, Zhuang Xiaolin.

Responsible units and individuals that participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners:
Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Detention Center: 86-28-86-407838
Vice manager: Xu Maoqiang, 86-28-86-407830 (office)
Police: Tan Tie

Female prison brigade police: surnamed Leng and Du, and others
Vicious doctor in the prison: Han Kun 86-28-407839
Chengdu City Jinniu District Procuratorate: Zhang Xin
Chengdu City Jinniu District Court: Hu Lian, Chen Changhua, Wang Liao, Zhang Yifan and others
Chengdu City Procuratorate: Liu Yu 86-28-87818636, surnamed Kang (female) 86-28-87782193
Chengdu City Intermediate Court: Li Bin, Yang Huan, Wang Ming, Qi Ling.

(1) Yuan is the unit of currency in China; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.