(Clearwisdom.net) In March of 1994, Teacher held the second Fa (1) lecture in Tianjin. One morning, the Tianjin radio station invited him for a live interview. I still remember the details.

Teacher answered a call from the audience. The caller sounded like a middle-aged man. He said that he had a certain disease, which had not been cured after having been treated in many hospitals. The disease caused him much pain. He asked whether Teacher could cure his disease. Teacher told him about the true nature and cause of disease.

After listening to Teacher, he asked, "Teacher Li, can you purify my body?" Teacher asked, "Is it very painful now?" He replied, "Yes. It is very painful."

Teacher said, "OK, to all the listening audience, if you have an illness in certain parts of your bodies, do what I tell you. Stand up and relax. Concentrate your thoughts in the part of your body where you have the illness. Relax, and relax more..."

About five to six seconds later, Teacher said, "OK, move around a little bit." Then he asked, "Do you feel better?"

That man said, "Yes. I do not feel the pain anymore. Thank you so much! I am bowing towards the direction of the radio station."

Teacher laughed and said, "Please don't do that." That man cried and said, "I cannot express my gratitude in words. It has been so painful, for so many years. Thank you." Teacher said, "You are welcome."

Every time I recall this incident, I always wonder what kind of predestined relationship this was that that listener could have received such a treatment. I wonder where this person is now. His experience will be solid evidence of the greatness of Falun Dafa.

(1) Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.