(Clearwisdom.net) The anti-torture exhibition has generated great results, as it has given citizens of many different countries a direct understanding of the persecution. Many people are shocked by it, and they have condemned the persecution. One thing many disciples have pointed out is that it should also demonstrate the practitioners' perseverance and their righteous belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" under those conditions of brutal persecution. This way, many people, after seeing the demonstration, will not only sympathize and become upset at the situation, they will also gain a lot of respect towards the practitioners, as well.

How can we achieve this effect? I remember that Clearwisdom.net published an article that basically said: "There was a police officer who tortured a Dafa disciple. In the end the Dafa disciple told him to tell her husband and child not to retaliate against him. It is because Dafa disciples knew that he was not merely a tool for evil in this persecution, he was also a victim. This policeman was moved to tears; he had felt the compassion of a Dafa disciple, and did not do evil afterwards." This story tells us about how Dafa disciples in this persecution can conduct themselves according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance." They still were compassionate towards all beings. In reality, Dafa practitioners who are under the persecution and torture are all trying to reach out to the good side in people, clarifying the truth to the people who are doing evil, and telling them that they have no hate or resentment towards them. If we can display this in our anti-torture exhibition, then we could help the audience feel the compassion and the greatness of the Dafa disciples. The actual operation isn't so complicated. We only need to put a demonstration board next to the exhibition. On the board we can write with huge letters a simple dialog between that Dafa disciple and the policeman, or the person demonstrating could have a simple conversation, just enough to let the audience know what is going on. This scene could be just a part of the whole exhibition; after all, in mainland China, there are many scenes of those who do not listen to compassionate pleas and those who persist in doing evil. Our current demonstration is to straightforwardly reveal them. The effects are great, as within it is the perseverance of Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts.

We know that the people who physically torture practitioners in this persecution, which are lives that are being controlled by evil, are going down a tragic path. They are unknowingly destroying their future. Manifesting at the level of humans, they are forced and instigated by Jiang Zemin to carry out crimes against humanity. In our anti-torture exhibition, we should help people see the brutality carried out by these people, and where their motivation is coming from. Then the audience will have a deeper feeling of what Jiang has perpetrated. They will have a deeper understanding of the crimes against humanity. I suggest putting words on the boards just beside these policemen, which will help illustrate what was happening. For example: "Jiang Zemin forced me to do this," etc. In a different aspect, we can show the Dafa disciples' firm commitment to righteous thoughts and their compassion. Our goal is to validate Dafa. It is "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" of Dafa that gave disciples the righteous thoughts.

We are practitioners. When we do anything, we all do it according to our understanding of the Fa. When we can understand the Fa more clearly, then we will have more ways to carry things out. We will then be more effective in our truth-clarifying efforts. I also suggest disciples from Mainland China write more clearly about the tortures and how we have resisted them so that we can use them to support the anti-torture exhibitions.