(Clearwisdom.net) Whether during the previous period of individual cultivation or in this current stage of Fa-rectification, the effect the environment has on Falun Dafa practitioners has always been tremendous. Studying the Fa in groups, practicing the exercises together and attending Fa Conferences create righteous fields and good environments that greatly advance practitioners in their cultivation.

Since the persecution began, practitioners inside China have lost the group Fa study and exercise practice environments. They also cannot assemble to share cultivation experiences. Certain practitioners, lacking in Fa study and burdened with heavy attachments, dare not step forward to validate the Fa. A few have even given up the practice. Under the evil circumstances in forced labor camps and brainwashing centers, even diligent practitioners have been led awry, but, with the help of fellow practitioners and further study of the Fa, most of them easily reawakened and returned to righteous paths after leaving the camps and classes. Clearly, these cases underline the importance of environmental influences.

The environment has a certain function, but this should not be the deciding factor for Dafa practitioners. Instead, it is most crucial that we trust the Fa as our guiding master in elevating our xinxing (moral nature), ridding ourselves of attachments, and validating Dafa with righteous thoughts and deeds. Every one of us must measure up to the standards, and we cannot be too dependent upon the environment or others. We should not be influenced too greatly by circumstances and external factors. We should instead think rationally from the perspective of the Fa and search inward when problems arise, and we should not gripe and blame it all on a difficult environment.

Master has explained the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition; that everything has two sides; a positive and a negative. A good environment helps so much to expedite one's cultivation, but, on the other hand, it easily gives rise to a mentality of dependency. The persecution of Falun Gong has caused the loss of the holistic environment of group Fa-study and exercise practice. However, this tempers every practitioner, allowing us to mature. We should not accept the destruction of the holistic environment, because it has led many to step off the path of cultivation and interfered with many others.

Not relying fully upon our environments isn't the same as denying the need for a good environment, however. In the short article "Environment," Master says

"The environment is created by you, yourselves, and it, too, is essential for your improvement."

Thus, no practitioner should wait for or rely on others or be dependent on external factors; each should take proactive measures to do well in things related to Fa-validation and try his best to improve the environments surrounding us.

Master says practitioners follow "The Great Way without any form," so we can not remain attached to superficial forms or things with fixed formats. But good environments do not necessary manifest themselves superficially. Even in Mainland China, where there are no longer group Fa studies or practice sites, only the superficial forms have been erased. The environment for holistic cultivation and Fa-validation has remained virtually undisturbed and impervious to the destructive forces. In addition, the spoiling of the superficial form has become an opportunity for practitioners to validate Dafa and establish mighty virtue. For many practitioners, it is difficult now to frequently congregate for experience sharing, group Fa-study and group exercises, and there are fewer and fewer chances to contact or meet new fellow practitioners. But practitioners are validating Dafa by clarifying the truth, studying the Fa, doing exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Even in remote areas or alone, a Dafa practitioner is a particle of Dafa and a part of the whole. The righteous environments and the energy fields that Dafa practitioners establish do not manifest themselves on the surface or in any form, so they are indestructible.