(Clearwisdom.net) I had the experience of sending forth righteous thoughts with another practitioner a few times. As soon as ten minutes was up, he stopped and let down his legs. I asked him why he did that. He said that when he was sending forth righteous thoughts, it was particularly painful for him to sit in lotus position.

I have had similar experiences. Sometimes when I send forth righteous thoughts, I meet with resistance. I could feel that the dark minions are very ferocious. It would feet like a long time when it was only 10 minutes. In these situations, if one can persist or extend the time, one can have a break-through. When you do it again, you won't feel much before one hour passes.

Yesterday, I recalled an article published on Minghui.net entitled Some Understandings on Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts (Part 1). It stated "At that time, every practitioner that participated could sense the power of righteous thoughts. I remembered that we also shared understandings on how long we should send forth righteous thoughts. In the end, everyone agreed that while sending forth righteous thoughts, we should not pay much attention to the duration. For example, in the battle between righteousness and evil, if we concentrate too much on whether we have exceeded the expected time, how could that be a battle between righteousness and evil? Afterwards, we no longer paid attention to time. Instead, we did not stop until all the evil was eliminated with righteous thoughts. The perpetrators' plan for the brainwashing class was dropped since no site was available. That was the first time we used righteous thoughts together to oppose the old forces' arrangements."

I realized that when we eliminate the evil with our righteous thoughts, in another dimension, it is a war between the righteous and the evil. If we focus on the time during a battle, the evil will know that as long as they can hold it for ten minutes, they can make a comeback. On the other hand, if we are not limited by the duration and we can keep our righteous thoughts until the evil is eliminated, no matter how the evil resists, it will be futile. Then we can destroy their willpower and diminish their resistance to our righteous thoughts.