(Clearwisdom.net) After the New Year of 2002, Mr. Liu Zhaojian was accosted by police from the Redflag Police Branch when he was hanging up truth-clarifying banners. He was taken to the Criminal Police Team and put into a cell that was filled with various torture instruments. Mr. Liu was handcuffed spread-eagled with his two hands hung high up against the wall (this is called "stance hanging") for four days and three nights. The policemen interrogated him continually in shifts to extract information and a "confession" through torture.

"Stance hanging" involves hanging the victim up so that he can only touch the ground by extending the body fully to relieve the pressure on his wrists. After a little while, this will completely tire a person and the wrist pressure will resume. One can only imagine what this would feel like after days of abuse. The head of the Redflag Police Branch personally tortured Mr. Liu Zhaojian. He not only punched and kicked him, but also pinched Mr. Liu's genitals, causing him excruciating pain.

A criminal undergoing torture at the same time as Mr. Liu Zhaojian only lasted one day and night before the police extracted a confession from him. No one could ever know whether such a confession was the truth or not. A person might say anything under such extreme conditions. The criminal's two hands swelled up to twice their size, and it took one month to recover their full use. Mr. Liu, who suffered much longer, almost died. His hands are nearly disabled, and he is unable to take care of himself .

The police branch illegally confiscated the 200 yuan (1) in cash that Mr. Liu brought with him, and they did not issue a receipt. Later Mr. Liu reported this illegal behavior, according to the law. The police branch knew they were guilty, so they gave the money back to him without any explanation. Clearly, the Redflag Police Department is accustomed to behaving contrary to the law.

Mr. Liu was tortured to the degree that he could not take care of himself, but was still sentenced to six years in the Jilin Prison. The prison was afraid to take on responsibility for someone in his condition and sent him home to recover. However, the Baiyun City "610 Office" overturned their decision. Liu Zhaojian continued to be tortured in prison, in an attempt to make him renounce Falun Dafa. It is known that he was handcuffed to a bed for several days.

(1) Yuan is the unit of currency in China; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.