(Clearwisdom.net) Last year, a brainwashing class was set up in our area. After a good discussion, we realized that besides clarifying the truth to the leaders of our practitioners' work units, we should also go near the class and send forth righteous thoughts within a short distance.

As soon as the class was set up, we went spontaneously in twos or threes near the area to send forth righteous thoughts. Some fellow practitioners, who can see in other dimensions, said that thickly dotted small bright spots (dark minions) were falling down to that area like rain. After a whole day of sending forth righteous thoughts, some dark minions were wiped out, but some new ones came up the next day. However, we didn't lose heart. With the thought that we would not stop until we eliminated all of them no matter how many of them would come, we stuck to it for several months, and the brainwashing class ended without achieving the goal of forcing practitioners to renounce Falun Dafa.

I think that other practitioners could use the following points in what we did for reference.

1. Doing without pursuit

Whether we sent forth righteous thoughts within a short distance or at home, we didn't feel worried or anxious, nor did we have the idea of "judging a hero by his successes or failures." All of us only aimed at sending forth righteous thoughts until the brainwashing class disintegrated. Even after seeing gangs of dark minions coming, none of us felt anxious. On the contrary, we thought that it was a good thing, because if we eliminate more of them, the power of the evil forces, as a whole, would be weakened, and the pressure on practitioners in other places would be less than before. At a later stage, the evil forces had no more newcomers to transfer, and had to allocate those from the detention centers and labor camps. In addition, the progress of Fa-rectification had sped up and many of the evil forces had been wiped out throughout the world. The brainwashing class, which was originally set up to run for a long-term period, fell apart.

2. We need to emphasize a little wisdom on eliminating the evil

When sending forth righteous thoughts, we usually first cleaned up the field around our fellow practitioners who were illegally detained inside. The reason is that we saw a situation: practitioners detained inside the brainwashing class usually had some loopholes that were exploited by the evil forces and those loopholes became the reason to detain them. At the moment, when the evil forces held fellow practitioners, their hands in other dimensions also stretched towards fellow practitioners' fields in that dimension. Following that were those low-level spirits and various filthy evil things. They were in different forms but they played the same role, that is, to serve as a "separation." They would separate the two parts of fellow practitioners, one of which was the cultivated part that had already reached the consummation standard and the part that was not yet cultivated well. Therefore, some fellow practitioners could not stay alert and clearheaded. In our understanding, it was to make them unable to send forth righteous thoughts. Therefore, we would first clean up fellow practitioners' fields in other dimensions, enabling the fellow practitioners' cultivated parts to play a role. Then, we cleaned up the outside space. Working from both angles like this produced a very good effect.

After cleaning up fellow practitioners' fields, we formed a cover, with Teacher's reinforcement, in order to protect our fellow practitioners. Therefore, we made it impossible for those dark minions to impose themselves on fellow practitioners. Why did we do this? We understood it this way: the very reason that some fellow practitioners were detained was that they had loopholes. Therefore, we could not ask these fellow practitioners to handle the same problem in the same way as other practitioners who didn't have those loopholes. This was when our fellow practitioners needed our help badly. Because of the imposed condition, we could not talk to them in person, so this became the most direct form of help. Why could we do this? We think that whenever a fellow practitioner is kidnapped, every single one of us who knows him should be responsible. If we had had a deep discussion with that practitioner before anything went wrong, perhaps nothing would have gone wrong. As a matter of fact, when we looked inside ourselves seriously, we would find that we were indeed responsible. Therefore, helping fellow practitioners is also to make up for our own mistakes. In addition, Teacher told us long ago that we must completely deny the old forces' arrangements. As far as a fellow practitioner's "loophole" is concerned, Teacher has his systematic arrangement to handle it, and the old forces are not qualified to get involved.

The strategy that we adopted achieved very good results, and we had taken the initiative from the beginning when we heard of the arrest of fellow practitioners. We wiped out a lot of evil things. As a result, three fellow practitioners, helped by our righteous thoughts, walked out with dignity (their own work units used the best cars they had to take them home). Six fellow practitioners, who did not understand the Fa principles very clearly, had at least managed not to fall so far as to turn against Teacher and Dafa, or sell out fellow practitioners. They just said vaguely that they would not practice anymore. After getting out of the brainwashing class and discussing with fellow practitioners, they all realized their mistakes and posted "solemn declarations" to show that they do not acknowledge the evil brainwashing. There was only one fellow practitioner who did not do well due to her strong attachments. From the very beginning, she got involved in mind games with the persecutors. She confessed that she sent news to Minghui net, and she also gave out the name of a fellow practitioner who supplied her with the news (however, that fellow practitioner was not the original news source as she had thought). Even so, we didn't give up on her. Helped by our powerful righteous thoughts, she was released too. She realized her mistakes soon after she got out, but she still needs time to completely recover.

3. Cutting off the evil's financial source.

During short-distance sending forth righteous thoughts, we heard, by chance, someone saying that the money for supporting the brainwashing sessions was supplied by one specific individual. After hearing this news, we gave notice to all fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts aiming at this person. At the same time, we successfully cut off their financial source in other dimensions. Some fellow practitioner saw that when we sent forth righteous thoughts, the money for supporting the brainwashing class was being burned up in another dimension, where the money was originally in boxes piled up like hills. A couple of days later, a piece of news spread that the persecutors had no more money, and the brainwashing class had difficulty moving forward. This led to the disintegration of the brainwashing class.