(Clearwisdom.net) The Jiang regime has been hyping itself on the international stage as governing the country under the rule of law. However, the persecution of Mr. Fu Guosheng's family aptly demonstrates that the Chinese people have long been deprived of the dignity of the law, and that the law has been effectively reduced to little more than a weapon with which the Jiang group finds it convenient to beat people.

Fu Guosheng, sixty years of age, is a chief examiner in the Vice Division of the Changzhi City Intermediate Court. Since he steadfastly persisted in practicing Falun Dafa, he was detained for one month in 2000, then demoted and stripped of his Party membership.

Mr. Fu's wife Jia Yuzheng, fifty-eight years of age, is employed by the Changzhi Branch of the Construction Bank of China. She was sentenced to three years in prison because she went to Beijing to appeal to the central government to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. Mr. Fu's thirty-two-year-old daughter, Fu Jiangyan, is a Chinese language teacher at Changzhi Normal College, who was also sentenced to three years in prison for practicing Falun Dafa. Mr. Fu's eldest son, Fu Jiangying, is a very talented and well-educated man, who was arrested under Jiang's direct but secret command, rigorously enforced after the persecution began on July 20,1999. Fu Jiangying is currently under house arrest in Beijing. Mr. Fu's second son, Fu Zhongyi, is a twenty-nine-year-old graduate of the renowned Renming University. In August 2002, he was sentenced to three years in Jingzhong Prison, Shanxi Province, where he is enduring torture.

In early 2001, mother and daughter, Jia Yuzheng and Fu Jiangyan, were sent to the Yuci City Female Prison, in Shanxi Province, where they were inhumanly tortured. The policemen there tried every possible means to force them to give up their belief in Falun Dafa. They bullied and lured them with promise of personal gain, using the proverbial "carrot and stick" approach, deceived them with lies, jeered at and humiliated them, forbade them to walk or speak, and ordered inmates who were drug addicts and prostitutes to monitor them in shifts, in order to deprive them of sleep. Other prisoners also frequently abused Ms. Jia and Ms. Fu. After a long period of enduring such tortures, they were finally released from prison in 2003, but they were still monitored and tracked by agents of the "610 Office" and the police department. Jia Yuzheng pleaded with her work unit to reinstate her in her former employment, but she was ignored, making it financially very difficult for the family to survive. Her daughter, Fu Jiangyan, was also kept under surveillance following her release. She was ordered back to work but without pay. Her colleagues were afraid to speak up for her for fear of jeopardizing their own jobs.

Therefore, Mr. Fu Guosheng decided to use a lawsuit to resist the persecution and to safeguard, for his family and himself, their basic human rights including the right to belief. However, Fu Guosheng and his wife, Jia Yuzheng, were abducted and sentenced sometime between May and June of 2004. The location of their current detainment is unknown, nor is it known whether they are dead or alive. In addition, their daughter, Fu Jiangyan, suddenly disappeared without leaving any information with anyone.

Partial list of relevant parties involved in persecuting Mr. Fu Guosheng and his family:

Li Qingsong, Chief of the First Precinct, Changzhi City Police Department: 86-355-5832089

Lu Ping, Assistant Party Secretary of Changzhi City, Head of the Changzhi City "610 Office": 86-355-2192448

Discipline Commission of the Shanxi Forced Labor Bureau: 86-351-4292282

Administrative Division of the Shanxi Forced Labor Bureau: 86-351-4291235

Discipline Commission of Xindian Forced Labor Camp, in Taiyuan City: 86-351-2810511, 86-351-2810502

Female Forced Labor Camp, Fourth Brigade: 86-351-3152804, 86-351-3055773