On the night of June 10th, 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Yongjin from Linyi City, Shandong Province was kidnapped by people from the local "610 Office". They sent him to the detention center in Linyi City without notifying his family.

Liu Yongjin went on hunger strike to protest this treatment. He did not eat or drink for 7 days nor did he say a single word. Xin Yongfu from Lanshan District, Linyi City along with Wang Mingguang, Li Junqin, and Duan Haoyu prevented him from sleeping for one week and persecuted him using all kinds of means. As a group, they attacked him, grabbing him and pinching him, and cruelly whipping his face and body with bunches of thistles and thorns. He was repeatedly tortured through force feeding. Force feeding through intubation itself is extremely painful. To increase the pain, they repeatedly inserted and removed the feeding tube. Liu Yongjin remained determined and resisted firmly. On June 17th, they inserted the tube into his trachea instead of his stomach and he fainted from the pain of their mishandling. The authorities feared that they would be held responsible for his death. Therefore, without any legal procedure and without notifying his family, they transferred him to the No. 8 Group in the No. 2 Men's Labor Camp in Shandong Province (Wangchun Labor Camp).

Up being revived, Liu Yongjin shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" and began singing a melodious song which espoused the principles of Falun Dafa. The guards were taken aback by his resilient spirit. After that, Liu he kept shouting "Falun Dafa is good!" The other practitioners that were being illegally detained went together to protest the mistreatment Liu Yongjin had received. This left the guards flustered and exasperated. In response, seven or eight guards held Liu Yongjin to the ground and shocked his whole body with 4 high voltage electric batons.

Liu Yongjin remained on hunger strike and did not cooperate with the guards. On June 22nd, six or seven guards went to force feed Liu Yongjin and he resisted firmly. They could not accomplish their goal for over an hour. At last, they forced both his legs into a chair with shackles and shackled both his hands behind his back in an awkward and painful position. After this, the guards pried his teeth out with a screwdriver so he could not prevent them from inserting the feeding tube. Liu Yongjin lost many teeth due their brutal handling. On June 23rd, during the force feeding, Liu Yongjin was tortured until he spit up blood and fainted again. The guards were so afraid that he might die in their care that they sent him to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Liu Yongjin is still on hunger strike to protest and does not cooperate with the guards. He is on the verge of death, but the labor camp still refuses to release him, claiming that they will detain him as long as he's still alive. They also say that if he continues his hunger strike, they will employ an even higher pressure policy to make him relent. Liu Yongjin's family, relatives, and classmates are very worried about him.

I hereby urge the local practitioners to help Liu Yongjin by sending righteous thoughts, publicly exposing the misdeeds committed by the guards at Wangchun Labor Camp, and to make phone calls directly to the guards to wake up their conscience.