(Clearwisom.net) About two years ago, I started to edit materials for truth-clarification websites to clarify the truth to Chinese people. I was very excited at that time. I thought we could directly deliver truth-clarification materials to thousands and thousands of internet users and they would immediately understand the truth (about Falun Gong) after they read the material.

I thought that hundreds of thousands of people would understand the truth every day with the help of the World Wide Web. But I quickly discovered that it was not as I expected. A lot of truth-clarification materials didn't seem to interest web surfers. Website statistics showed that most people only quickly glanced at our truth-clarification materials. Many people selected only one article to read and then left. Only a few people really calmed down and read the articles one by one.

At that time, I thought what we could do was to make full use of every single article. Even if the reader read only one article we would eradicate his misunderstandings about Falun Gong and clear out the poison from the lies of the Jiang regime.

At the same time, I also started to clarify the truth to Chinese people in chat rooms over the internet. I remembered the first time that I chatted with a college student on the web. Unexpectedly, whenever I mentioned Falun Gong, she responded with something like "overseas anti-Chinese forces", "(we should) maintain the hard-won stability and unity (of China)", "(we should) love the ruling Party" and so on.

I thought I happened to be chatting with a political teacher. However, I asked several times and she was indeed a college student. Later, after speaking with more Chinese people, the difference in our mentality became apparent. This was especially true of overseas Chinese and that of the younger generation in China. It was such a huge difference, and I could now see the situation more clearly.

About 15 years ago, when young people, now in their 20s, were receiving their primary education, was the time when Jiang Zemin came to power in China. Those young people were the ones who were poisoned by the lies the most. They also comprise the majority of the web surfers. To clarify the truth to these people, we needed to prepare our truth-clarification materials carefully so that they could accept it gradually instead of scaring them away at first glance.

I realized that in order to make the best use of our truth-clarification materials, we should not write our articles only to eradicate the reader's misunderstandings about Falun Gong. We needed to clear away the lies of the Jiang regime as much as possible.

A good truth-clarification article should not only consider how much the readers can accept, but should also be able to attract ordinary people to read it. In other words, we should not be satisfied to attract people to come and read just one article before leaving our website. We should make our truth-clarification articles so attractive that after he reads them, they not only eradicate his misunderstanding of Falun Gong, but make him enjoy reading the articles and even spread the information to others.

As Dafa practitioners have gained additional wisdom during cultivation, we have more websites to clarify truth directly or indirectly. Some practitioners have written good truth-clarification articles. Some are humorous. Some have good stories. Some are informative and interesting. Some articles start with short stories that are filled with deeper meaning and related it to the truth of Dafa. These are all very good truth-clarification articles.

However, overall, I feel that we don't have a lot of good articles. We don't have enough high-quality articles for use by various projects that directly clarify the truth to the Chinese people. I found some articles written by ordinary people, especially the timely commentaries or articles discussing hot topics that were quite attractive to ordinary people. They also had good arguments. Unfortunately, they mentioned none or very little about Falun Dafa.

I started to consider how to fully use the various raw materials to edit and organize more effective truth-clarification articles that ordinary people would love to read and share with others. I also tried to write some articles myself. Although I majored in science, I found that it was not hard to write articles as long as I maintained my righteous belief in Teacher.

There was a time when I was encountering web surfers who repeated the same degenerated idea: "You (Falun Gong practitioners) must have done something wrong, otherwise the government wouldn't have suppressed you. If you were orthodox, like Buddhism or Christianity, you would definitely be welcome instead of being suppressed."

I realized that many people do not understand history; otherwise they wouldn't say this. I wanted to write an article about the persecution of Christians and compare it to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Jiang regime. I found a few similar articles on the web. However, I believe we should be able to further reorganize those and write a better article that is more attractive and readable to ordinary people. In addition, it is very important to have an attractive title. Of course, using titles such as "Looking at the Persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's Regime from the Standpoint of the Persecution of Christians by Ancient Rome" directly brings out the main point of an article. However, some people would be scared away if, for example, they are in an internet caf¨¦, or if they have been deeply poisoned by the lies of the Jiang regime and had no interest in Falun Gong. Then the title would probably become an obstacle for him to read further. When I was working on this, I suddenly remembered that a practitioner mentioned "Nero Burning Rome" in an email when he talked about the software "Nero Burning Rom" that we used to burn VCDs. I looked it up and found that Nero was actually the one who burned Rome. The title and the main structure of my article emerged.

I quickly realized that our truth-clarification articles should not only tell people historical facts, but should also let ordinary people see the greatness of Dafa. In little time, I wrote the article, "Behind Nero Burning Software." Now looking back, I can see that my every single step was the wonderful arrangement of Teacher.

We have a lot of practitioners with literary talent. I hope we will utilize the wisdom given to us by Dafa and write more high-quality articles to help save sentient beings. "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them." (quoted from Teacher's "Hurry Up And Tell Them") I know of many practitioners with no writing experience that have been editing and organizing truth-clarification materials. We all look forward to more high-quality truth-clarification materials. I realize from my personal experience that it is not so hard to rewrite and compile the current material that we have into more effective formats. As long as we have a pure heart to save sentient beings, Dafa gives us unlimited wisdom.

I wanted to share some of my ideas and experiences when I write and organize truth-clarification materials. I hope that practitioners who don't have professional training in writing, which I don't have either, will write and organize more high-quality truth-clarification articles, using the wisdom given to us by Dafa.