(Clearwisdom.net) The ghouls and low-level demons in other dimensions are mostly eliminated now. It is the dark minions that are interfering with Fa-rectification and undermining the cultivation of Dafa disciples. With the advancement of the grand Fa-rectification, they find nowhere to hide but in the attachments of Dafa disciples. When Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, they must purify their own dimensions and remove attachments, otherwise those hidden dark minions of the old forces won't be eliminated.

Those dark minions of the old forces never thought that they would be eliminated. They believed that they were doing Fa-rectification while Master Li was just watching passively. Therefore, they constantly did bad things to interfere with Master's Fa-rectification and used the excuse that they were helping Dafa disciples cultivate. Master has given them many chances and eliminated those who are stubborn and continue to do bad things.

Now these dark minions live in fear and anger, and use the attachments of Dafa disciples to make trouble.

Jiang takes a normal flesh body in our dimension, while in other dimensions it consists of a bag of low-level demons and old forces' dark minions. They are doing bad things out of fear, anger and jealousy. They are jealous and angry about the Consummation and mighty virtue that Dafa disciples will achieve through cultivation. But the dark minions need energy to sustain themselves. When Dafa disciples have strong attachments and thoughts of ordinary people, those dark minions and demons will actively interfere in order to be recharged with energy. This is the reason that the dark minions hide in the attachments of Dafa disciples.

Now the Fa-rectification is approaching the surface (our dimension), and the number of dark minions has been constantly diminishing. It's like a tree, once filled with thriving spring leaves, now left with only very few, hanging on to the empty winter branches. The dark minions are incapable of interfering with Dafa disciples who have strong righteous thoughts and have eliminated the attachments and thoughts of ordinary people.

(Narrated by a young practitioner, recorded and edited later)