Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Lihua, 31, lives in Room 202, Gate 2, 11th Floor, Jianshe Building, Xugezhuang Town, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Since she started to practice Falun Gong in April 1999, she has been subjected to all sorts of brutal treatment. At present, she is being illegally detained in Tangshan City's Kaiping Forced Labor Camp, also known as the Hebei Province 1st Forced Labor Camp. She has been on a hunger strike for more than two months, during which she has been tortured by forced-feeding daily.

On October 4, 2000, Ms. Liu went to Beijing with her mother to appeal for Falun Gong and both were arrested on the next day. During the night of October 5, they were sent to the Fengnan District Detention Center, where they were violently beaten and verbally abused. Following Jiang Zemin's instructions that it doesn't matter if Falun Gong practitioners are beaten to death and that their deaths following torture will be reported as suicides, during the months of June and July, officials from Fengnan District dispatched a large group of personnel from its subordinate units to round up Falun Gong practitioners. At 8 a.m., Li An, a physical education teacher from a Fengnan District occupational school first forced Falun Dafa practitioners to run around the drill ground one hundred times. Then, he forced practitioners to line the two sides of the sun-baked drill ground. When he reported back to work at 2 p.m., he again forced practitioners to run around the drill ground one hundred times, and kept them exposed to the sun while temperatures hovered around 38 to 39 degrees Celsius. This was repeated for several days. In addition, Li also forced practitioners to perform military-style drills: standing and squatting military-style. Li also kicked female practitioners in the hips. Every female practitioner's pants were left with the mark of his footprint.

In July 2001, Xu Ming from the Armed Forces Unit in the Fengnan District caressed Ms. Liu's face with his face everyday and made obscene remarks. One time Xue Ming took a piece of paper and stuffed it between Ms. Liu legs. Another time, he took a bean and stuffed it between Ms. Liu's legs and made her hold it; he put another bean on top of her head, forcing her to hold it while laughing obscenely.

A so-called "transformation school" sponsored by the "610 Office" (1) tortured practitioners brutally to the point of death. Everyday, Li An took the lead by stomping on Ms. Liu's hair, asking Ms. Liu if she practiced Falun Gong or not. When she said "yes," Li immediately hit her. In the office he stomped on her and beat her for two to three months. As a result of this abuse, half of Ms. Liu's head became bald and her hips were covered with purple bruises. She had injuries all over her body. Some of the skin on her right shoulder was abraded and damaged. She still carries the marks of her injuries all over her body.

On July 19, 2001, Liu Lihua was sent to another, even more vicious detention center in Fengnan District. The staff members constantly beat her with a stick with spikes all over its surface. One day, when she refused to write the so-called "guarantee statement," [renouncing Falun Gong] Li An dragged her from the monitoring room and knocked her to the ground. Li An dragged her by one foot, circling the courtyard. Ms. Li's back and clothes were torn, and her shoulder and back was torn to the flesh and did not heal for a long time.

One month later, personnel in Fengnan District sent for a group of people from Beijing, who tortured practitioner Liu Lihua without restraint. They would not let her sleep for seven days and prevented her from brushing her teeth or washing her face, until she passed out and fell to the ground. Her legs swelled up such that she was no longer able to remove her pants. When she couldn't think clearly anymore, she signed the so-called "guarantee statement". On November 13, 2001, she was released and sent home.

On January 10, 2002, the "610 Office" and the police station again ordered Ms. Liu to the district office. They claimed that she was not sufficiently "transformed" and demanded that she denounce her Teacher and Falun Dafa, which she refused. They then detained her in the Fengnan Detention Center. In late April they transferred her to a brainwashing class, where she was exposed to inhumane forms of torture.

On May 2, 2002, Liu Lihua was transferred to the Tangshan City 1st Detention Center. The policemen forced her stand in a corridor for three days because she refused to read a "transformation letter." She was then transferred to the Fengnan "Transformation School" (a brainwashing class). She refused to cooperate, so she was again forced to remain standing for three days. The principal of the "Transformation School" Ma Wenbing and others knocked Ms. Liu to the ground. They climbed on her back and started to throttle her. Ms. Liu was so close to suffocation that her eyes bulged. After torturing her for half a day, they transferred her back to the Tangshan City 1st Detention Center.

On November 11, 2002, Liu Lihua was transferred to the Fengnan Detention Center. She practiced the Falun Gong exercises and was beaten by the Deputy Director, Li Jiankui. She started to bleed from the mouth and nose, and she developed a big blister in her mouth. They subsequently knocked her to the ground and forced her to kneel, cuffing her hands to her back. Then, they sent her back to the Tangshan City 1st Detention City Center.

On June 24, 2003, after suffering countless brutal tortures, Liu Lihua returned home. On July 10, she was again arrested for no reason and illegally detained in the Tangshan City 1st Detention Center. She was brutally beaten by the policemen and her face was covered with blood. Another inmate who had been detained with her for more than a year could not recognize her because her face was deformed from the beatings.

On August 8, 2003, Ms. Liu Lihua was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. She was detained in Tangshan City's Kaiping Forced Labor Camp. Kaiping Forced Labor Camp continually escalated their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. During the past few years, the following Falun Gong practitioners have died there: Pi Jinghui, Cui Yulan, Zhang Zhibin and Fan Yaxiong.

In December 2003, the policemen in the labor camp tied Liu Lihua to a metal chair and prevented her from sleeping for six days. They also did not allow her to use the restroom and gagged her. They further opened all the windows to expose her to the freezing air day and night. They forbade any prisoner to interfere with them; whoever tried to help her would earn demerits or have her term extended.

Liu Lihua went on a more than two months long hunger strike, during which time she was subjected to continuous forced-feeding. They poured things into her feeding tube by the basin. They prevented her from using the restroom, forcing her to soil her pants.

Two other Falun Dafa practitioners, Ms. Cheng Guijun from Cangzhou City and Ms. Zhao Yuhuan, a language teacher from the 7th Middle School, Qinhangdao City were persecuted along with Ms. Liu Lihua. All three of them went on hunger strike. The most vicious guards constantly verbally abused, hit and tortured them.

Numbers to call at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp:86-315-3363939, 86-315-3363751, 86-315-3363752;

Address: Xinsheng Fire-Resistant Materials Plant, Tangshan City (Brick Plant, 27, Kaiping, Tangshan City); Zip Code: 063021;

Director, Xu Deshan: 86-315-2020980 (Home);

Ruan Daguo: 86-315-2011861 (Home);

Female police officers directly involved in abusing the practitioners: Wang Hongli (Director of the hospital in the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp, responsible for force-feeding practitioners), Chen Zhaoguang, Liu Xiao China, Yan Hong Li, An Huan E, Jia Fengmei, Wang Yan, Wang Yanhua, Qin Xiaoyan


  1. 610 Office: An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.