Recently a construction worker from Nong'an County of Changchun City in Jilin Province said: I also want to practice Falun Gong!

I am a construction worker. I did not practice Falun Gong nor did I know what Falun Gong is about. However, over the past several years, I have come in contact with some Falun Gong practitioners and found out that they never committed wrongdoing, insulted or fought with others. They always were tolerant of others and did good deeds. I admired their kindness. Therefore, I want to say from the bottom of my heart: "Falun Dafa is good!" I will practice it too in the future! I wish people all over the world could hear my voice.

Clarifying the truth in rural areas

Two practitioners from Chongqing City were forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. They went to a county and ran a small business. They took care of business during the day and distributed truth-clarifying materials at night. Later they heard that there was no one practicing Falun Gong in one rural town and no one had gone there to clarify the truth. In order to tell people the truth and help them see the persecution for what is, they arrived there by bus and boat one afternoon. It was almost dark when they arrived. They distributed truth-clarifying materials and explained the truth to people along the road until it was completely dark. They did not feel tired. They heard there were several others villages on the other side of the hill and decided to distribute materials there. When they had almost arrived there, they heard the sound of a car. Later they saw flashlights and found that people were searching for them door by door while cursing. They knew that the evil was targeting them. They immediately sat down on a patch of grass and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Because it was very dark and there were no roads, they walked with difficulty. Several times they fell down the slope. Their first thought was that they were practitioners and did not worry about these petty tribulations. The daylight finally broke. They found their way, took the bus and returned safely.

Teachers learn the truth about Dafa

One teacher was influenced by the propaganda of Jiang's regime. After practitioners repeatedly clarifying truth to him, he finally learned the truth. Later, his school received many propaganda posters attacking Falun Gong from its superiors. He firmly resisted it. As a result, not a single poster was posted. Furthermore, he went to several neighboring schools to clarify the truth, tell people about Jiang's plot against Falun Gong and that students cannot be poisoned. As a result, those schools also did not post them either.

July 8, 2004