(Clearwisdom.net) The Third Brigade of the First Women's Forced Labor Camp, Shandong Province was one of the first camps to detain Falun Gong practitioners. At the end of 1999, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Bo was the first to be detained there. Since that time, until July 2003, as directed by Instructors Liu Ruiqing and Yang Enwei and police officer Sun Qunli, police officers at the Third Brigade have not stopped torturing Falun Gong practitioners, and their crimes are beyond description. Under the twofold torments of hard labor and brainwashing, many Dafa practitioners became very weak physically, and have experienced severe illnesses. Several have suffered mental collapse. The following is a partial record of the persecution that has taken place in the Shandong Province First Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Wang Bo is in her 40s. She was the former coordinator of the Mouping Falun Gong Assistance Center. According to local information, she was also the first Falun Gong practitioner who was detained in a forced labor camp. She was detained at the Third Brigade. Because she refused to lie and say that practicing Falun Gong is wrong and because she asked for the right to practice, police officers Liu Ruiqing and Guang Shiying bound Ms. Wang to a bed. In her appeal for an environment in which to practice, Ms. Wang went on hunger strikes several times, but was detained in a confinement room. In the confinement room, there is a wooden board on the wall, mounted at shoulder level, with two handcuffs attached to it. Practitioners confined in this room are tortured by being handcuffed to the wall. A tall person's feet can touch the floor, while a short person can only touch the floor with their toes. Each time a practitioner was locked up in this room, she was handcuffed like this for 3 to 5 days. The handcuffs were not opened, even when one had to use the toilet. The police officers knew Wang Bo's steadfastness in Falun Dafa. They bound her hands and feet and then proceeded to shock her with four electric batons at the same time.

Three torture methods frequently used by the Third Brigade include confinement in the small cell, shocks with electric batons, and suspending practitioners by handcuffs. Even a 60-year-old senior citizen is not spared such torture. Ms. Wang Yonglian is 60 years old, a Falun Gong practitioner from Weifang City. Liu Ruiqing handcuffed her two hands to a radiator, with her toes barely touching the ground, and left her this way for six days. Ms. Wang's arms were broken and she was almost unable to bear such cruelty. After she was taken down, she could no longer carry anything in her hands.

During the second half of 2000, Gong Yunxiu, aged between 40 to 50 years, from Weihai City was also detained in the confinement room of the Third Brigade. Since she did not cooperate with the police officers' unlawful requirements, they brought her to an office, handcuffed her and poured cold water over her. Then the officers pushed her down to the ground, stood with one foot on top of her and shocked her with electric batons, while pulling roughly on her handcuffs. At that time, there were just six female police officers in each brigade. Whenever they would torture practitioners, especially when they used electric batons to shock practitioners, male police officers would come. It is believed that the male police officers were from the anti-riot brigade. One day when they showed a slanderous brainwashing video in the activity room, Dafa practitioner Ms. Cui Guangping, in her 30s, turned the TV off. This enraged the police officers. They dragged her out of the room and shocked her neck and face with electric batons for a long time.

In the fall of 2000, more Dafa practitioners were detained at the labor camp. Police officer Liu Ruiqing divided the determined Dafa practitioners into groups. A criminal detainee monitored each group. They forced practitioners to sit on small stools for over ten hours a day, with feet close up and hands on knees. No moving or talking was allowed. The criminal overseer kicked any practitioner who moved.

In 2001, the forced labor camp changed their torture methods. Instead of only physical violence, they instituted mental abuses and brainwashing. They did not allow practitioners to sleep for a long time, and used collaborators (1) to brainwash and torture determined practitioners.

At the end of 2002,Liu Ruiqing and Sun Qingli launched a new round of persecution of Dafa practitioners. Ms. Huang Yan, in her 20s, was not allowed to sleep for 13 days and nights. Six collaborators, divided into three groups, took turns to brainwash her around the clock. Under this constant physical and mental torture, Ms. Huang Yan became mentally disoriented. Hysterical, Sun Qingli kept putting pressure on the collaborators, saying, "Don't allow her to close her eyes, don't allow her to stop talking for even a second..." Whenever Huang Yan closed her eyes, the collaborators would push her or make her walk in circles around the room. Many practitioners burst into tears upon witnessing her tremendous suffering. Cheng Shuxiang, a Dafa practitioner from Jinan, in her 40s, was tortured the same way as Sun Qunli for 38 days. Finally, she was close to mental collapse. The long-term lack of sleep also injured her heart seriously. Her husband was very sad to see her terrible appearance when visiting his wife.

The long-term torture has damaged many practitioners' health. Gong Dianzhi and Lin Ni suffered from severe damage to the nervous system, characterized by involuntary contraction of muscles and slight mental confusion. We heard that Ms. Gong would become dizzy if she looked down. Sometimes she would lose consciousness four or five times a day. Lin Ni suffered from insomnia and had no appetite. Zhao Shuhua is in her 60s. She was very healthy when she was taken to the forced labor camp. But due to torture, she suffered from nerve damage, resulting in facial paralysis and paralysis of her body. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Practitioner Guo Yuhua had been cured of her stomach cancer through practicing Falun Gong. In the labor camp, she was forced to do hard labor. Her legs became paralyzed and she became unable to move. She could no longer climb steps. Gao Xuemei's fingers developed abnormalities in the tendon sheaths. She used to be very healthy and strong. But after being subjected to constant brainwashing, the two years of torture and hard labor in the camp ruined her physically. She was forced to put labels on various products all year around for the Jinan Tian Yi Printing Company, which caused her thumbs to become numb. Ms. Dongye Shengzhi is from the countryside and thus was very strong. She could do hard labor even a man couldn't do. But after one year of torture and forced labor, she contracted rheumatism, resulting in severe pain in the joints. She became crippled, and could no longer climb stairs. She had to wear thick clothes even in the hot summer. The police officers frequently ridiculed her.

Under the long-term brainwashing and tortures, many practitioners have suffered mental collapse. Below is a partial list of practitioners who have suffered mental collapse:

Ms. Lie Chuanxia, in her 30s, is a resident of Gaomi City. At the end of 2000,she appeared to suffer from a mental disorder and frequently ran off. The police officers isolated her and forced her to take some unknown medicine. The medicine caused her to sing mindlessly all day long. Her family requested a visit, but Liu Ruiqing and Sun Qingli refused them.

Li Manying, in her 50s, is a primary school teacher from Heze. Under pressure, she gave up her belief in Falun Gong. She was very sad about it. She wanted to do the Falun Gong exercises in the cell, but was stopped by police officers. Collaborators said she was not thoroughly "transformed." Ms. Li became depressed and fell into despair. She would stare at things in a strange way and became delusional. Her health was ruined.

Liu Shujuan is about 40 years old and from Jinan City. Since she did not give up her belief in Falun Gong, she was isolated and subjected to brainwashing. During the hot summer days in Jinan City, the endless persecution, plus the hot weather caused her to have mental problems. To cover up the situation, police officers shut Ms. Liu into a confinement room, and ordered two detainees to take care of her. She was not allowed to leave the confinement room for any reason. Ms. Liu had to defecate and urinate in that small room. The room was filthy and smelled horrible. Later, police officers sent Ms. Liu to a mental hospital for further persecution.

He Xiuli, around 30 years old, is from Guanxian County. After being brainwashed, she was moved to Group Six. The group leader, Wang Aiqing, decided that she was not completely transformed, and thus frequently scolded and scorned her. Ms. He felt distrust of everyone and gradually isolated herself from others. Under the heavy mental abuse, her mouth muscles stiffened and she no longer could open her mouth to talk. Her mind became unfocused and she could not longer take care of herself.

Yang Guiying is about 60 years old, from Buingzhou. Because of the extremely heavy workload in the labor camp, her health deteriorated drastically. Police officer Kong Yanxia in her group frequently organized meetings called "Exposition of Personal Behaviors," which caused Ms. Yang to suffer a mental collapse.

Ms. Meng Yuejing, in her 20s, is from Guanxian County. In March 2003, her mind became foggy. She would laugh irrationally. Police officer Wang Yueyao frequently scolded her and forced her to work. Ms. Meng suffered further persecution because of not being able to meet production quotas.

Names of police officers in the Third Brigade of the First Women's Forced Labor Camp, Shandong Province:

Instructor: Liu Ruiqing, Yang Enwei

Brigade leader: Wang Yueyao

Police officers: Sun Qunli, Guan Shiying (now retired), Wang Yunyan, Kong Yanxia, Zhang Hongfen.

(1) Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture, and who are forced to persecute steadfast practitioners.

June 29, 2004