(Clearwisdom.net) To support Falun Gong practitioner victims of the shooting incident in South Africa on June 28, Falun Gong practitioners in the Great Taoyuan Area had a signature campaign called "Stop Killing and Violation of Human Rights" in two train stations, parks and campuses from July 11 to July 16, 2004.

Taoyuan residents sign their names in support of Falun Gong

Taoyuan residents show concern over the persecution of Falun Gong

Signature banner is filled with signatures

During Vice Chairman of China Zeng Qinghong's visit in South Africa, Falun Gong practitioner David Liang was shot by gunmen suspected to have been hired by the Chinese official. It was an escalation and extension of Jiang's terrorism. To expose the overseas terrorism acts of Jiang's regime, Falun Gong practitioners in the Taoyuan Area collected signatures in Taoyuan and Zhongyi Train Station, displayed reports and pictures from media around the world and told the public about Australian Falun Gong practitioners' experience of being shot at on their way to file a lawsuit against Zeng.

The train station master gave great support to Falun Gong practitioners by letting them collect signatures in busy areas of the station and letting them hang up a banner saying "Falun Dafa is Great." As expected, many signatures were collected. People were outraged by the overseas extension of violence by Jiang's regime and took the initiative to sign their names in support of human rights protection.

A family of three quickened their paces upon seeing the bloody picture of David Liang. The son decided to sign his name later, so they all went back to sign their names. A school teacher and her three children signed their names. In addition, her son signed on behalf of his classmates. A man was just released from prison. Falun Gong practitioners gave him some introductory literature about Falun Gong and encouraged him to start a new chapter of his life. He was deeply moved by their kindness and signed his name.

Taxi drivers invited their customers to sign their names. A reporter from the United Newspaper took pictures and interviewed Falun Gong practitioners. After he learned their experience of having benefited from Falun Gong and the brutal overseas extension of the persecution, the reporter also signed his name in support of Falun Gong practitioners after his interview. This significant national signature campaign received warm feedback and support from the public.