Jul 01, 2004

The car driven by David Liang is riddled with bullet holes. (Epoch Times photo)

Sound of Hope radio reporter Eric Huang interviewed the Johannesburg police regarding the shooting of five ethnic Chinese, who arrived in South Africa from Australia and were traveling on their way from Johannesburg to the capital city.

Police Captain Borman said that they have already taken evidence from two witnesses and the victim of the shooting. According to Captain Borman these five Chinese Australians were coming to South Africa to protest against Chinese Communist Party Vice-Chairman Zeng Qinghong who was visiting South Africa.

The five Australians booked hotel rooms in the capital. While they were driving from the airport to their hotel, they were attacked by gunmen in a passing car.

Captain Borman said the police have already examined the bullet-riddled vehicle.

Questioning the victims was made difficult by the fact that the five did not speak English very well, said Captain Borman. Eventually translation was arranged.

Another police officer, Superintendent Akron, is responsible for keeping contact with Chinese consulate. He said he already informed the Chinese consulate. So far, Chinese consular officials have not sent anyone to visit the injured Chinese man.

Police spokesperson Inspector Dennis Adril said the police have sent their best investigators from the Serious Violence and Crime Unit to take investigate this case. This case has been categorized as "attempted murder."

Inspector Adril said that the location of the incident is not a place with a high crime rate.

Inspector Adril added that the police will conduct the investigation with maximum effort and will arrest anyone connected with the incident.