(Clearwisdom.net) On the 8th day of the fourth lunar month in 2004, a truth-clarifying radio station was created to stop the persecution of practitioners by guards in the Changlinzi Forced Labor Center. Falun Dafa practitioners decided to broadcast from a 25-Watt megaphone hung above the Changlinzi Forced Labor Center.

On the 7th day of the fourth lunar month, practitioners were busy assembling, testing, and debugging the machine. The evil forces in other dimensions saw this and were really frightened by it. Suddenly, the sky filled with black clouds and it began to drizzle. Some practitioners were worried that they might not be able to hang the machine because of the bad weather. Some informed fellow practitioners in their hometown to send out righteous thoughts and clear up the interference from the evil factors. We believed firmly that what we were doing was a most divine thing; the evil would definitely fail; and that the dark would soon pass with tomorrow being a brighter day.

At sunset, everything was ready. At that time, we were having our supper. The room was full of red light. We ran out of the room. The sky was full of red clouds. On the west side of the sky, there were multi-colored rays of evening sunshine. To the southeast, there was a huge rainbow. Such a big rainbow had not been seen in 30 years. On the northeast side of the sky were more red clouds. This beautiful scene kept up for more than half an hour and the sky cleared up. The righteous thoughts of Falun Dafa practitioners cleared up the black forces and rotten demons in the other dimensions. Our Teacher cleaned up the haze.

On the morning of the 8th day of the fourth lunar month, the sky was cloudless and blue without any wind. There was only one day in the year that had such good weather. At 3:30 AM, the truth-clarifying radio station began to broadcast. The music of "Pudu", as a symphony, woke up the practitioners in the prison. Then, the song "Falun Dafa is Good", sung by a soprano, followed. After this, the poems from our Teacher's book Hong Yin II--"Firm", "Don't be Sad", "Afraid of What" and others, one by one were broadcast into the sky above Changlinzi.

It is exactly like what the Teacher said, "Sonorous sound shakes the realm of Fa; The voice of Fa transcends the ten directions." (Provisional translation from the poem "Bell Tower" in the book Hong Yin II, subject to further improvement.)

The guards became rattled. At 6:00 AM, another bullhorn was installed in the forced labor camp and began to play popular songs to interfere with our broadcast. We had never heard such songs being played in the camp ever before.

More and more of power and supernatural effects of Falun Dafa have been demonstrated in the surface dimension. We are hoping that the guards persecuting practitioners will wake up immediately and compensate for their bad deeds with good behavior.

The mission of our Falun Dafa practitioners is to save lives. Let us encourage one another with the poem "The Gate of Heaven Has Been Opened" of our Teacher in the book Hong Yin II:

Buddha's infinite grace saves the sentient beings;

The Fa comes to regenerate the cosmos,

With a grand wish that the firmament will be consolidated;

The sky, earth and man will be rectified on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels;

The earthly people can be wakened to give out righteous thoughts;

The gate of heaven begins to open from now.

(Provisional translation subject to further improvement.)