(Clearwisdom.net) On July 4, 2004, Spanish Falun Gong practitioners appealed at the Chinese Embassy in Spain to strongly condemn the Jiang group's hiring gunmen to attack Falun Gong practitioners. Photos of the practitioner who was injured in the shooting incident in South Africa were displayed, as well as pictures of others who have been persecuted. These photos shocked kind-hearted passersby. Some arrived as practitioners were setting up the display, to sign a petition speaking out against the persecution. People came one after another to inquire about how to help Falun Gong practitioners.

Each time the persecution is pushed to a higher level, more people awaken to the truth and stand on the side of justice. At the same time, the evil nature of the Jiang group will inevitably be exposed, and the Jiang group's lie to the international community that China is enjoying "the best period of time in Chinese history for human rights" will be revealed.

The Spanish Falun Dafa Association wrote a letter to the South African Embassy in Spain to ask for a meeting with their representative in Spain. In the letter, practitioners requested that the government of South Africa investigate the shooting incident thoroughly to bring the criminals to justice.

Here we solemnly warn the evil dictator and his accomplices: Retribution for your evil deeds will eventually come. Promptly stop these terrorist atrocities against innocent and kind people. Any act of terrorism will be held in contempt and will never be tolerated by the international community.

Source http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200407/20688.html