Solemn Declaration

I am 14 years old, and I started practicing Falun Dafa when I was seven. Since I started cultivating, I have benefited both physically and mentally. However, since the persecution of Falun Dafa began, I have committed many wrongdoings against Teacher and Dafa. When my mother was in a forced labor camp, I wrote a letter to her and persuaded her to compromise with the evil. I now know that what I did was wrong and fortunately, my mother didn't believe what I said. The things I did have greatly let down Teacher and Dafa! How could I be called a true Dafa practitioner, then? I solemnly declare that from today onwards, I will cultivate steadfastly and do things that Dafa practitioners are supposed to do. All the wrong things I said and did are void. From now on, I will be a true Dafa practitioner! I will use every opportunity to tell people that Falun Dafa is good and undo the damage I've done to Dafa.

Xu Yuanyuan

April 20, 2004

Chinese version available at: http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2004/6/11/76813.html

Solemn Declaration

I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner, and I am in second grade this year. Recently, my school collected signatures from all students [to support the persecution of Dafa.] Due to the lack of strong righteous thoughts, I signed my name. Afterwards, I realized that it was a very serious mistake. I hereby make a solemn declaration on the Clearwisdom website: Under the evil persecution, everything I said and did that was inconsistent with Dafa is void. I will double my efforts to make up for the loss I have brought to Dafa and I will cultivate steadfastly until the very end.

Guo Mengjie

June 12, 2004

Chinese version available at: http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2004/6/13/76953.html