(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitionerMr. Bi Guohua, 64 years old, lived in the Beiche Residential Area in Shidao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. At about seven o'clock on June 4, 2004, seven police officers from the Rongcheng City's "610 Office" (1) broke into his house, arrested him and brutally beat him to death.

To cover up their crime, the police told the public that Mr. Bi Guohua had a sudden heart attack; he fainted and fell, accidentally killing himself. Though Mr. Bi was the only person at home at the time of incidence, his family saw his body after his death and said that the right side of his head was terribly swollen and his left shoulder had scratch wounds, which obviously were not caused by falling. Also, all of Mr. Bi's acquaintances knew that he was very healthy and did not have a heart condition.

After Dafa practitioner Ms. Liang Guanghong was tortured to death, Mr. Bi became the second Dafa practitioner in Rongcheng City tortured to death.

It was also known that the police department recently arrested a female practitioner that lived in Lidao Town of Rongcheng City. The details are still under investigation.

Telephone numbers of related parties:

The Beiche Residents' Committee in Shidao Town, Rongcheng City:

People in charge of the Residents' Committee: Sun Wenming: 86-13516316062 (Cell), Bi Kehai: 86-13906306484 (Cell)

The General Office: 86-631-7382510

The Reception Office: 86-631-7381391

The Accounting Office: 86-631-7381390

The General Managing Office: 86-631-7381393

The Rongcheng City Party Committee:

The Vice Secretary of the Political Law Division: Shi Yonglin: 86-631-7565088

The Secretary of the Political Law Commission: Yue Lianhong: 86-631-7563567

Office of the City Commission: 86-631-7562040

Political Law Commission: 86-631-7562439

The "610 Office": 86-631-7567610; Liu Qiang (person in charge): 86-631-7564383 (Office), 86-631-7553486 (Home), 86-13806304416 (Cell), 86-631-7985876 (personal access phone)

The Appeal Office: 86-631-7562038

The Rongcheng City Government:

The General Office: 86-631-7562100, 86-631-7562250

The Mayor's phone to the public: 86-631-7562383

Fax: 86-631-7561162

The Legal Office: 86-631-7562387

The Rongcheng City Public Security Bureau

Director Yu Xinzhuang: 86-631-7567868 (Office), 86-13906307868 (Cell), 86-631-7887868

The Discipline Commission: 86-631-7562914

The General Office: 86-631-7563502

The Executive Section: 86-631-7565314

The Political Security Section: 86-631-7562944

The Appeal Section: 86-631-7565354

The Legal Section: 86-631-7565334

The Supervision Section: 86-631-7563474

The Public Security Team: 86-631-7563506

The Economical Crime Investigation Team: 86-631-7563747

The Police Team: 86-631-7563500

The Pre-trial Team: 86-631-7562004

The Police Station: 86-631-7555314

The Detention Center: 86-631-7555324

The Patrol Police Team: 86-631-7571077 86-631-7572247

The Rongcheng City National Security Bureau: 86-631-7561132; The Shidao Town Branch: 86-631-7382577

The Shidao Town Government of the City of Rongcheng

The General Office (fax): 86-631-7361221

The Appeal Office: 86-631-7375148

The General Managing Office: 86-631-7321002

The Administrative Bureau of Social Affairs: 86-631-7321002

The Deputy Political Judiciary Secretary, Sui Zaize: 86-631-13306303669

The Shidao Division of the Rongcheng City Public Safety Bureau

Director Zhou Junguang: 86-13906305789 (Cell), 86-13863189456 (Cell), 86-631-7382371

The General Office: 86-631-7382570

The Lidao Town Government of the City of Rongcheng

The General Office: 86-631-7661001

The Third Team of the Public Safety Police: 86-631-7662244

The Judicial Station: 86-631-7664148

The Police Station: 86-631-7661043

The Bianfang Police Station of the City of Yandunjiao: 86-631-7841043


(1) The "610 Office": An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.