(Clearwisdom.net) In an article on June 14, 2004 entitled "What I Witnessed at the Tuanhe Labor Camp" on Minghui Net (http://minghui.org/mh/articles/2004/6/14/77065.html) I described the conditions Falun Gong practitioners suffer while being held at Tuanhe Labor Camp.

The article mentioned Dafa disciple Mr. Qian Shiguang. He is in his 60's and is from Lanzhou city, Guansu province. For calling out "Falun Dafa is good" at the exercise yard of the labor camp, guards Zhao Ren and Yin Kuansong instigated criminal prisoners to punch and kick him, then ordered him to stand. They made him bend over in half, put a bedframe on top of him to hold him in that position, and then pressed him under the bed for a long time. He was not allowed water or to use the toilet. He was forced to excrete on himself. He was tortured until he became emaciated, but the guards just laughed.

Recent reports revealed that Mr. Qian Shiguang was beaten at the Tuanhe labor camp in October 2003, and suffered a fracture to his spine. He was then sent to the Tuanhe Hospital (a hospital affiliated with the labor camp). There it was found that his injury could not be repaired leaving him unable to care for himself. The labor camp was afraid to take responsibility for Mr. Qian's condition, so they released him in November 2003.

As part of the inhumane torture Mr. Qian Shiguang faced, criminal inmates were directed by police to pour urine in his bed.

June 16, 2004