(Minghui.org) Recently after reading Master's "Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference," a few students in Henan Province, China--instead of experiencing Master's merciful and arduous salvation and enlightening to the urgency and importance of truth clarification which Master has kept reminding us of in the past few years, so as to cultivate ourselves clearheadedly and rationally and make good use of the time to do well the three things Dafa disciples should do--they have developed reckless thoughts and wild words, which are impeding their progress in cultivation and adversely affecting other practitioners.

These few individuals speak wildly that they "want to rectify the factors beyond the cosmos, and when sending forth righteous thoughts one needs to add the thought of disintegrating the factors beyond the cosmos." Moreover, bearing strong human attachments, they claim to have "enlightened" that not only what Shakyamuni and Jesus taught was old deviated Fa, but that "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" is also the Fa of the old cosmos, and thus so and so. These words and acts that slander the Buddha and the Fa are still echoed and followed by some who still do not know what Dafa cultivation means and that Dafa cultivation requires "taking the Fa as the Master."

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter, and students must cultivate by solidly and earnestly following Master's Fa. Even if we enlighten to some Fa principles properly, we still need to truly improve our xinxing through solid cultivation. If a "new theory" is hatched today and a "new way of saying things" is in vogue tomorrow, doing these things is undoubtedly someone showing off "cultivating to a high level" and indulging the attachment of being meddlesome. Actually this precisely exposes how the people who said these things have not understood the essence of cultivation and how to cultivate. These manifestations of an unsteady mind and the lack of self-restraint are not the words and actions of a cultivator, and if it continues for long stretches, it would be very easy for the old forces to take advantage of the loophole. We hope all of the practitioners involved will immediately be awakened, let go of these attachments, and study the Fa well with a peaceful mind.

Here we'd like to remind fellow practitioners in other areas who have heard or seen similar things to pay attention to looking within, think about why each person had seen it and find room for improvement. We should diligently purify ourselves in facing every problem.

Meanwhile, no matter what some other practitioner has said, we should calm our minds, let go of human attachments, truly take the Fa as the Master, and constantly remain clearheaded. If we can all start with ourselves to establish and strengthen the field of our righteous thoughts, then this itself is a very good reminder and help to those whose focus is not on Fa-rectification cultivation and think that coming up with something novel and different means that they're right and at higher levels. Certainly it is each person's choice to truly cultivate or not. We should kindly remind and help each other, but we should not be affected by meddlesome individuals' irrational words and deeds, as being attached to others' attachments is itself a form of human attachment.

Let us study the Fa with a peaceful mind, leave no room for internal or external interference to take effect, do well the three things that Master requires, and strive forward diligently together.

June 10, 2004