(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Jian worked in a bookstore in Jinan, Shandong Province. He was abducted and sent to Liuchangshan Labor Camp in Jinan City on March 2001 to serve a 3-year sentence in a forced labor camp. He was assigned to the 3rd squadron of the 2nd brigade. The captain was named Wang. Because Mr. Liu persisted in his righteous belief in Falun Dafa and refused to be "transformed" [1], the guards locked him separately in a small cell that was dark, gloomy and damp. He suffered all kinds of tortures. He was on a hunger strike when he was tortured to death.

An insider named Wang who knew Mr. Liu disclosed that the police and others once twisted Mr. Liu's arms very hard for a long period of time. They beat Mr. Liu and broke his ribs. The guards in the labor camp did not allow Mr. Liu to meet with his family members for a long time. Occasionally, when they did permit Mr. Liu to meet with his family, they kept pressuring Mr. Liu's family members and threatening them. Then they pressured Mr. Liu. However, Mr. Liu was very firm in his belief in Falun Dafa and the guards could do nothing about it. After they had locked Mr. Liu separately in a small cell for half a year, they sent him back to the squadron. Because they feared that Mr. Liu would expose how he was persecuted and that his attitude would affect those whom they had successfully brainwashed, they imprisoned him in another squadron in the 3rd brigade instead of sending him back to the 3rd squadron of the 2nd brigade where he used to be in, which was on the 2nd floor. They cut off any contact that Mr. Liu may have had with other practitioners and ordered several prisoners to watch Mr. Liu all the time. They followed Mr. Liu even when he went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth or washed his face.

Around 10 a.m. on December 28, 2001, I went from the east side of the 1st floor to the west side of the 1st floor to borrow something. I was talking to others when Lao Meng (imprisoned for stealing) came over to us and said, "Terrible! Liu Jian jumped from a floor upstairs." He walked away after he said this. This confused us. Then I heard somebody locking the gates of the building. Then we realized that the guards feared we would go out to protest and locked the entire building.

I saw through the crack between the door and its frame that policeman Feng Fei from the Discipline Section of the 2nd brigade was taking pictures of Mr. Liu Jian's body. From my position, I could only see him taking pictures, but I couldn't see Liu Jian. Soon an ambulance came. Someone lifted Mr. Liu's body into the ambulance and the ambulance left. The prisoners who were ordered to watch us called us back to our group. The guards ordered them to watch practitioners more closely.

According to information provided by insiders, Mr. Liu was pushed through a window in the bathroom on the 3rd floor after he was already dead. Warden Liu of the labor camp secretly arranged the whole thing, and Chief Wang in the 2nd brigade personally assigned someone to do it.

The windows in the labor camp are all covered with iron bars, and some were being replaced at that time. The iron bars of the window in that particular bathroom had just been taken off, and the new bars had not yet been installed. This provided an opportunity for those who persecuted Mr. Liu Jian. The labor camp claimed that Mr. Liu jumped off the building, committing suicide.

After Mr. Liu's death, Chief Wang in the 2nd brigade who was responsible for the incident was transferred from his position. The former assistant warden, Liu Yongjie, was promoted, becoming the new warden of the labor camp. The squadron that was involved in the persecution was awarded a 3rd class merit.

Practitioner Mr. Li Wutang went on a hunger strike for 6 months to protest the persecution of Mr. Liu Jian. The guards, led by policeman Bao Hongxing, deprived him of sleep and brutally force-fed him. Mr. Li suffered all sorts of tortures.

[1] The term "transform" refers to a practitioner who is coerced through brainwashing and torture by Jiang Zemin's regime to give up his belief in Falun Dafa's principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."

May 28, 2004